‘X’ Marks The Spot

People of Ely – use your vote wisely. Whether your colours are Red, Blue, Orange or Green, make your mark today and let’s have a 100% turn out. It’s no good complaining afterwards that the ‘wrong’ person was elected. I won’t reveal my own political allegiance but I can exclusively predict what will happen in the next 15 years:

Image: Polling Day In Little Downham

Labour will win this General Election with a reduced majority, Tony Blair will resign in May 2007 after completing 10 years in the hot seat and Gordon Brown will take over. After bringing in a raft of traditional socialist policies he will alienate all the voters who have switched to Labour recently. The next election will be in June 2009 which Labour will win with a majority of only 23. At that point a rising star in the Tory party will finally emerge and force Prime Minister Brown to call an early Election in 2012 which the Tories will win with a majority of 88. The Tories will win the next election (2016) and the one after that (2020). At that point I’ll be 57 and will vote for whoever offers the most ‘cold-winter’ allowance and a free tv licence.