Blind Drunk In Ely

Its not everyday a local person makes it into a national tabloid but thats exactly what happened for one 44 year old woman and for all the wrong reasons.

Yesterday’s Daily Mirror highlighted the exploits of a local woman who has suffered strokes and is wheelchair-bound with a full-time carer, who, last September, agreed drive her anebreated friend home in his car fearing he was a danger on the road as children were playing near by.

She made it onto the main road but then promptly crashed into some parked cars.

When interviewed by the police, she told an officer: ‘I am virtually blind. I used to have a provisional licence years ago. But I did not take my test as I’m scared of the road.’

Caroline Frankland, the magistrate, ordered her to pay a fine of £200 and disqualified her from driving for a year for careless driving. The DVLA would be advised of Smith’s medical condition.

The Daily Mirror’s story can be found here.

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  1. Damon
    Damon says:

    First of all… A £200 fine? My car insurance is about £1000 a year, so if i just didn’t get any next year, had an accident and got caught, I’d still be £800 in profit?

    Even if she did make it to the high street she wouldn’t have anywhere to park as all the disabled spaces are taken by able bodied people! (See High St. Pedestrianisation)

    Secondly, Im sure this isn’t the only blind driver in the ely area. Often on the A142 between Ely and Soham people in these huge cars often with massive wheels at the back and fitted with ploughs often pull out blindly in front of me. Does anyone else experience this?

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