Ely Battered By Tornado

Ely was battered by a tornado yesterday , the tornado was up to 30 feet wide and travelling around 20mph. There was no damage.

Wilder claims in ‘The Sun’ newspaper, said the tornado hit speeds of 80mph as the 30 foot twister swept down High Street. It quoted ‘shocked onlooker’, Peter Davis as saying ‘To see a tornado up so close was amazing. It was something out of a movie’. Indeed!

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  1. Charlotte Fovargue
    Charlotte Fovargue says:

    Hi I’m Charlotte, I heard about the tornado today and I can’t believe it. Yesterday was our carnival day in Soham and while me and my mates were marching in the parade Ely had a tornado. To be honest if we had a tornado in Soham and I saw it I would wet myself in fear. I’m going to say ‘I’m so sorry to anyone who witnessed it’.

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