Anne’s View Uncut – Week 28

Image: The Terror Suspects

We are only prepared when we have prepared ourselves for the worst. We are only ready when we have rehearsed for every possible occurrence. We only succeed when no opponent is left standing … Anonymous

A Blackout On Evil

I have always believed that starving terrorists of all media attention would diminish the impact of their wickedness. In fact, I think it should be mandatory to launch a media blackout when terrorists strike so that their objective is weakened considerably.
For example, when fanatics kidnap innocent people and then barbarically slaughter them before the eyes of the world, I feel it is wrong to afford them one second of publicity since our knowing about the barbarism makes no difference whatsoever to the safety or wellbeing of the victim. I reason that if the politicians involved can’t or won’t intervene, what good is it to highlight the campaign of a madman?
In the same way, even knowing the full scale of last Thursday’s events, regardless of the shock and sadness it has caused, the public is left powerless, helpless and toothless to bring these psychotic animals to justice. Justice is in the hands of the authorities. So what good does it do to televise the atrocity to a defenceless, albeit concerned audience?

Can we categorize it as a national disaster?

And where exactly do we place an event such as July 7th 2005 in the big scheme of things? Is it as significant as 9/11? Can we categorize it as a national disaster?
Were the numbers big enough? By that I mean did an adequate number of people suffer real damage so that July 7th will go down in history as a major event – forever known as 7/7, if you will?
Because I fear that’s exactly what the sons of bitches responsible want.
And if it wouldn’t glorify their depravity I’d say give it to them. Far from hiding the evil deeds committed, these assassins should have their sickening acts blazoned across the world’s media so that no one could mistake them or their actions for anything other than cowardice.
But as I say, I fear that notoriety fuels their egos far more than their struggle or the success in harming innocent people does! We may be hungry for every detail, gruesome or otherwise. We may feel it is our right to be kept informed of the events, no matter the horrors. But there can be no doubt that by sensationalising these horrors in 24 hour news broadcasts, we are facilitating evil.

Deadlier than an Unsupervised Vitamin!

Let me get this straight …booze is for sale, cigarettes are for sale and aspirin is for sale. Bleach, insect killer, lighter fluid, aerosol sprays, dish soap and superglue – all common, readily available household products, all potentially lethal elements – all for sale!
Yet the European Union’s directive is spearheading a campaign to ban vitamin supplements due to the possibility of irresponsible overdosing!
If I hadn’t watched this news item on the good-ole reliable BBC, I would have thought it a late April fool’s joke! But no, it is sadly, yet at the same time, comically, true
Forget the mumbo-jumbo of scientific balderdash. Forget the complicated technical wheres and why fors that is no doubt being bandied about by unkempt professor types. Ignore that the committee against vitamin supplication is probably made up of a bunch of half-dead, octogenarians who couldn’t tell a B12 tablet from a B10 Bomber if their lives depended on it …
But is anyone, anywhere asking how even the most addle-brained, dim-witted moron can fail to see the glaring contradiction of removing vitamins from our store shelves while leaving behind indisputably deadly products?

A vitamin might kill. But cigarettes damn well do!

A vitamin might kill. But cigarettes damn well do! What’s the matter, isn’t the government’s revenue from vitamin C as lucrative as their proceeds from tobacco, making the supplement industry dispensable?
Is it perfectly acceptable that we legally drink ourselves to death with a bottle of government sponsored whisky every night but topping up the immune system with Selenium is just out of the question? Should I hand over my sticky tape now lest I happen to accidentally tape my two fingers together? Should I hide the remote control before it is confiscated so that I don’t mistakenly programme the neighbour’s microwave oven instead of my own telly?
And just when I thought an already mocked administration couldn’t make a bigger mockery of itself!


Even in the face of my sadness and the loss of so many innocent lives, I still feel it’s necessary to mention my humble campaign to highlight the futility of a mandatory ID card.
However, due to the recent events I will curb my self-righteousness and simply pose this question …
According to President Tony, one of his loudest claims is that ID cards will help safeguard against crime. However, he has also recently stated that “nothing, absolutely nothing� will impede a suicide bombers mission.
So, with that in mind, and forgive my crassness, but may I ask … What good does it do then to insist we all carry a valid source of identity if it counts for “absolutely nothing� when protecting us against the mother of all crimes?

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  1. Karl Bedingfield
    Karl Bedingfield says:

    A Blackout on Evil
    While I find the terrorism of London abhorrent I have never really understood the Television companies decisions not to show certain programmes in case they upset the viewer after something major has happened. For example I was eagerly awaiting Channel Five to show the ‘Quentin Tarantino’ directed double-bill of the US crime show CSI. It was taken off air with this announcement – ‘Following this afternoons developments in the London terror bombings investigation we are postponing the scheduled episodes of CSI due the the nature of the story line – the episodes directed by Tarantino will now be shown next Tuesday’ – instead they showed an episode of CSI that involved a surgeon who had been spurned by his lover. The surgeon slashed the lovers throat and fillet’d her new love and packed his remains in in supermarket sized meat bags to dispose of, being CSI this was as graphic as ever. Is that not just as disturbing?

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