Parking Crises Update – Peak Time Parking

Image: Cresswell's Lane Car Park

Recently ECDC claimed that ‘central car parks are full on market days’, I was not convinced so decided to visit all the car parks in Ely at a peak time, Saturday at 3pm. As expected the car parks very close to the City Centre were almost full, these being: Brays Lane (Waitrose), Forehill, St. Mary’s Street, Newnham Street, Barton Road car park was 3 quarters full. There was quite a lot of bays free in the Grange (ECDC car park) & Hereward Housings car park within the Barton Road car park. Cresswell’s Lane and Fisherman’s car parks were almost empty, between the 2 of these car parks there are 67 parking bays. Only 20 bays were occupied (and half of those were works vans parked for the weekend) when I visited them at 3pm. Both car parks are, at worst, 10 minutes from the City Centre and a stones throw from the tourist destination of Waterside. I was able to park in all the car parks I visited. Does this prove anything? Not really, just that as stated in my article ‘The Friday Focus: Parking Charges For Ely’, you can find a parking space in Ely relatively easy!

Image: Fisherman's Lane Car Park
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  1. Karl Bedingfield
    Karl Bedingfield says:

    Hi Deb,

    Here is the informatiom from our downloadable PDF: Car Parks In Ely Map (which can be downloaded from our frontpage).

    Ely’s Free Saturday Park & Ride
    Saturdays can be very busy and you may find it difficult to find a parking space – why not try our free park and ride service that runs in Ely every Saturday. Parking is based at the City of Ely Community College in Downham Road with a shuttle bus going to Market Street in the City Centre every 15 minutes.

    The Park and Ride scheme is completely free and runs from 9.30am to 5.00pm every Saturday.



  2. Deb Mold
    Deb Mold says:

    Have been trying to find out about the park and ride, with little success. Know where it is, but need to know opening times. The only link I found by searching for Ely parking did not work.

  3. Karl Bedingfield
    Karl Bedingfield says:

    Maybe if you read the site’s front page you would see the downloadable guides (Car Parks In Ely Map and Ely & Area Car Parking Spaces) in the sidebar titled ‘East Cambs DC Publications’.

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