Ely Parking Charges Demonstration

Image: Ely Parking Charges

A massive demonstration of shoppers and shop owners marched through the streets of Ely today to protest at ECDC’s moot proposal to introduce car parking charges.

The demonstration was well supported by the media with BBC’s ‘Look East’ regional news programme showing coverage at peak time.

Elaine Griffin-Singh, ETA chairman, said: ‘This is a chance for the people of Ely to show how they feel about parking charges.

We feel a one-off charge to Council Tax payers would be preferable to solve the city’s current parking issues.’

Mrs Griffin-Singh is proposing the council pay for a park and ride scheme on Angel Drove – as outlined in their current plans – and for them to ask taxpayers to contribute rather than implement parking charges.

Mrs Griffin-Singh continued: ‘If charges are introduced, we will all be paying forever and a day. Ely is busy and parking can sometimes be a problem, but we don’t think it is as big a problem as the council is trying to make out. A new park and ride would ease congestion and satisfy everyone.’

If ECDC ratify the proposal people visiting Ely could pay up to 50p an hour to park their car.

ECDC are due to vote on this controversial on Tuesday 27th September.

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  1. Jamie R
    Jamie R says:

    7000 signatures/voters that’s allot of people, perhaps we should all decide to vote against the ECDC at the next local and general elections what with the wastage of money for the new £10 million pound council offices with no evidence of why they are needed and the introduction of parking charges without real reason all against local peoples wishes, it is our money that is paying for all this yet it appears our voices are not being heard by our elected leaders that are supposed to serve us, perhaps opposing parties should see this as an opportunity to do the right thing by the voter. I for one will certainly not being giving them my vote next time round and if other voters feel disgust at the way things are pushed through I suggest they do the same, perhaps they will build a shiny new office and plaster the streets in parking zones signage and parking meters but come the next elections they might not be able to enjoy the luxury of sitting in there new surroundings.

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