One Man, A Scanner, One Shoebox Of Negatives

Santa was kind enough to bring me a shiny new negative scanner this Xmas, so I have been delving into my battered old shoebox full of negatives that have sat at the top of the wardrobe for the last few years. Although I have lost many actual photographs over the years I always made a point of storing the negatives but was always too tight to get reprints. Over Xmas I began the task of turning my negatives into digital prints – Most of my photographs date from 1979-1992.

Karl and Chris (1983)

It is interesting to see my photographic metamorphosis from ‘kid with a 110 instamatic camera’ to having aspirations of being the next ‘David Bailey’. The biggest kick is rediscovering photos I took in the 80s; especially photos of my ‘Mod Revival’ years (1979-1984) and of friends enjoying the many Xmas parties we attended at the Ely Rugby Club & Ely Community College.

Quality of negatives ranges from pretty poor (that would be the 110 camera) to good. So take a look at my Flickr photo gallery and take a trip with me down memory lane.

Its an end of an era for me really as I do not see me ever using film again now we are in the digital age.

In the right sidebar of this site you can see thumbnails of my latest uploads along with selected photosets. As well as old photographs you will also see a good selection of recent images such as those of the Ely Folk Weekend.

You can visit my Flickr Gallery here

Drop a comment if you feel inclined, it would be nice to get a little feedback on ‘my life in pictures’.

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  1. Adam
    Adam says:

    Hi Karl
    Long time no see, hope you are well, excellent website, some of the articles and photos brought back some great memories of the 80’s. I will have to see if I can dig out any old photos, if I find any I’ll send them across
    Look after yourself

  2. Alan Youngman
    Alan Youngman says:

    Being the younger brother and cousin to some of the ‘Mods’ featured in your pages i’d just like to say that it brings back good memories. I was wondering whether anyone had any pictures from the Rugby/Football Club Disco’s and The Ely College’s infamous fancy dress christmas disco’s circa late 1980’s early 1990’s that may have shown me and some of ‘the lads’ i.e Andy Whytock, Iain Vigar, Andy Bland, Richard Yardy, Alan Angier etc as it would be good to take a stroll down memory lane. Keep up the good work. Alan Youngman

  3. Chris Evans
    Chris Evans says:

    I was a mod from 83 to 93, the supposed 2nd revival time. Nice to see old mod stuff not just scooter boys, keep up the mod work; any thought on the natural enemies for us at the time, not bikers but skinheads and scooter boys and football casuals (modernists?) we had it rough in Cardiff!!

  4. Emeline
    Emeline says:

    Hi Karl,
    Very impressed by the quality of the pictures !
    May I ask which scanner you use to scan your 110 negatives? Is it a negative scanner with film-holder or a flatbed? What make/model?

    Many thanks !

  5. Peter (Syd) Driver
    Peter (Syd) Driver says:

    Well, yeah Karl. Some bands are probably best forgotten! One claim to fame would be that Blue Cerebrum (well me and Mick) were the first band interviewed by Chris Hunt as a precursor to his fanzine career. I might have to dig out some old pics…

  6. Karl Bedingfield
    Karl Bedingfield says:

    Hey Syd, great to hear from you, I hope you and Liz are well.

    Ah Blue Cerebrum, I remember them from my brief stay at Ely Sixth Form.

    If you ever feel like writing a feature about Blue Cerebrum let me know as I occasionally do a ‘forgotten bands’ feature.

  7. Peter (Syd) Driver
    Peter (Syd) Driver says:

    Thanks for posting the great photos. As a non-mod and part of the somewhat less successful hippie/prog revival of the Blue Cerebrum, it was a great trip down memory-lane to remember how good you skinny young things all looked in your parkas back then!!!

    Pete (f.k.a. Syd)

  8. Karl Bedingfield
    Karl Bedingfield says:

    ‘Time for Action’ along with ‘My World’ still mean a lot to me. It’s funny how bands we used to idolise and write about, like Secret Affair (Ian Page, Dave Cairns) are now personal friends of Chris’s.

    I lasted 3 issues of ‘Shadows & Reflections’ as I didn’t really commit enough time and effort to the project. Chris made the fanzine one of the top ‘modzines’ in the country and early editions are actually quite collectable now.

  9. Martin
    Martin says:

    I was a punk rocker in the early 80s, though had plenty of Mod pals. ‘Time For Action’ and ‘Maybe Tommorow’ still sound terrific, especially when played REALLY loud.

  10. Karl Bedingfield
    Karl Bedingfield says:

    Not many more to go now!

    It consumed my life for most of the early 80s, that included starting a fanzine with Chris Hunt, ‘Shadows and Reflections’ and having a song named after me at the end of my ‘Mod’ presidency – ‘Karl’s New Haircut’ (a reference to a haircut I had that told everyone I was no longer a ‘Mod’) by The Moment. Good times!

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