Raffle Shenanigans At Ely Charity Disco

Image: Lee Gillett

With no real news of any importance (parking debate & Mereham on hold here for a while) and January being the depressing post Christmas month it is; Ely Online decided to bring a little cheer to January 2006 by delving into the audio archives of Karl Bedingfield.

Ely Online came across the mixtapes of a charity disco Lee Gillett and myself (Karl Bedingfield) done on May 15th 1999 at Ely Rugby Club (an old haunt of ours from the early 80s). I was the Selector & Lee the MC, the disco was to help raise funds for a friend’s child who had autism.

The night was an absolute sell-out, Selector & MC were unstoppable, the dance floor was packed, the alcohol flowed freely and to raise additional funds raffle tickets were sold and the raffle draw was held at 10pm. Bad move. ‘F**k the raffle, we want to dance!’ – cue heckling and a very funny raffle draw courtesy of Lee Gillett.


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