Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

Image: The White Hart

Now I don’t wish to appear sardonic, but ECDC have served an enforcement notice on John Borland’s boardered City Centre shop stating: ‘The property is unsightly, has been neglected appearance, and has a detrimental impact on the street scene’.

This wouldn’t be the same ECDC that enforced the closure of many retail units along Market Street some fifteen years ago to accommodate their now aborted plans to have a sheltered shopping centre where ‘The Cloisters’ and ‘Waitrose’ now stand?.

At one point a whole row of retail & business dwellings stood empty for many years. In this time we lost Ely’s Post Office, The White Hart Hotel, Thornhill’s, Dyversion, The Co-Op Food Store & Department Store. Just a little further down Market Street we also lost the Bus Station Ticket & Waiting Room.

Could it be the same council?

Image: Market Street, Ely

Nah, couldn’t have been!

Image: Market Street, Ely