Hollywood Movie Stars To Visit Ely

Image: Cate Blanchett

Ely will once again pay host to some of Hollywood’s latest A list movie stars this May. Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush and Clive Owen will visit Ely (and Cambridge) to start principal photography for a new period drama, Golden Age, the follow-up to Working Title’s 1998 award-winning film Elizabeth which follows the early years of Elizabeth I’s life and reign.
Golden Age, an historical thriller set against the backdrop of the religious fanaticism of the late 16th century, picks up the story 15 years on from the events of Elizabeth and visits the ‘Virgin Queen’ in the middle years of her reign.

Crews are set to use Ely Cathedral and an as yet unnamed Cambridge University college to double as buildings from Elizabeth’s reign, from 1558-1603, with studio filming taking place at the famous Shepperton Studios in Middlesex.

In the past Ely has been a popular location for film studios. In 1985 Ely saw Al Pacino and Donald Sutherland on location in Cherry Hill Park, the Palace Green and Silver Street for the box office flop ‘Revolution‘, 1987 saw David Jason and Ian Richardson on location for the TV series ‘Porterhouse Blue‘.