F**k, Gordon Ramsey Almost Joined Eel Day

Image: Gordon Ramsey

A source close to ECDC tell’s me that celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey had considered filming part of his The F Word TV show at this year’s Eel Day. ECDC’s tourism office had a call from Gordon Ramsey’s F-word production crew to say that they were currently recording the second series and intended doing one programme on eels and had got information about Ely’s Eel Day and were potentially interesting in attending.

Unfortunately, the F-word production crew came back saying the timing of the event was not right and they would not be attending! So it is just good old Wendy Hurrell, the weather girl from About Anglia that will be joining the celebrations. However, with both Star 107 and Q103 attending this event along with the TV cameras, the day will be well covered. Gordon would have been the icing on the cake mind you!