Stretham’s Pantomime: Cinderella

The Ely area has been blessed with a number of pantomimes to ease the gloom of our fading winter days. Stretham’s version of “Cinderella”, written by Tina Barsby and produced by Angela Fordham, positively glowed with the warmth and fun of a community ready for a good laugh. Hilarious quips bounced between actors and members of the audience, outrageous caricatures of well-known figures strutted the stage and tongue-in-cheek we were all given a jolly good night of laughter.

The gob-smacked look on the youngster’s face in my row made the evening for me. Eyes wide, he stared incredulously when the first dame in full drag regalia (ballooning bosoms flowing beneath leopard skin), flounced his way down the aisle. The young lad had never seen anything like it before!

The gob-smacked look on the youngster’s face in my row made the evening for me.

All the characters revelled in their roles: genial Big Brother Buttons (Chris Adams), beautiful nightingale Cindy Dee (Rosie Wheat), Prince Willie (Claire Saltmarsh) a hero suffering much from over-zealous dames, Cee Dee (Matt Creak) and Dee Dee (David Pope), Dandini (Angela Fordham) thwarted in love, all-American Mom (Donna Bright) one of the many oblivious to the needs of baby Bee Dee (Toby Hutter) and Prince Charming Charlie (Caroline Breeden) wonderfully equipped with enlarged ears, red nose and very posh accent. The antics of Mindy (Emma Bowd), Bindy (Eloise Bright), policemen Snot (Claire Pople) and Grot (Juliette Potten), ASBO seeker Timmy (Chris Grant), grouchy Blue Tooth Fairy (Jessica Fordham), sparkling Fairy Godmother (Caroline Gentry), cool Kick the Cat (Jasmine Radford) and the beautiful Fairies all also helped to make the evening an unforgettable romp. The riotous actions on stage were matched perfectly by Neil Griffin’s musical talent and the delightful scenery, costumes, lighting and sound. Roll on Stretham’s next production – this village definitely has what it takes to provide a jolly good night of unadulterated fun.