Music At King’s: Blithe Spirit

Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit” was an excellent choice for the King’s School Ely to display the emerging talent amongst senior students. Under the expert directorship of Adella Charlton, the cast brought to life the golden era of Noel Coward’s sophisticated wit and humour, presenting the foibles of characters beyond the years of their portrayers in a series of credible smoothly developed scenes. The cohesive team work and skilled acting drew the audience into the dramatic events delightfully. There were some wonderful escalating arguments among the couples.

Ruth (Becky Hill) was every bit the poised fussy wife whose nerves slowly and visibly unravelled. Charles (Tom Brown), her much troubled husband, was presented with particularly accomplished timing and expressive responses to events.

Edith (Martha Morris) portrayed a credibly nervous maid and unwitting pivotal influence on events. Madame Arcati (Hannah Todd) exuded excessive enthusiasm, her fascination with the departed very much apparent. Bizzie Wood played a delightfully selfish coquettish Elvira, the ghost of Charles’s first wife. Make up, lighting and costume helped to create a very realistic effect as she disported herself about the stage. Dr. Bradman (Kit Chambers) and Mrs. Bradman (Alison Hallinan) complemented the cast as typical dinner companions. Dr Bradman: the intellectual, Mrs. Bradman: naïve and chatty, her comments not always the most tactful.

It was clear why the packed audience loved the show and many a Noel Coward fan went home well entertained.

The next production will be “Superheroes” on the 6-8 March, 7.30 at the Hayward Theatre contact (01353) 653931.