Ely Cathedral Pictorial

Ely Cathedral is probably the most photographed landmark in Ely City. With this in mind and digital photography available to the masses, Ely Online searched Flickr (the online photo application) to see how many photographs had been uploaded of the Cathedral – 2,125 actually.

There were many ‘holiday snaps’ that served their purpose but failed to excite then we came across this simply beautiful photo-set by Andrew Stawarz. Andrew is an amateur photographer from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

We contacted Andrew and he very kindly agreed to allow us to exhibit his photographs on our website.

Image: Ely Cathedral

Ship Of The Fens

Image: Ely Cathedral

Towards the Nave

Image: Ely Cathedral

Up into the Octagon

Image: Ely Cathedral

The Presbytery

Image: Ely Cathedral


Image: Ely Cathedral

Organ Stairs

Image: Ely Cathedral

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Image: Ely Cathedral

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Image: Ely Cathedral

Cloister Flowers

Image: Ely Cathedral

The Palace Green

Andrews photography can be viewed on Flickr.

Photography Copyright

All photographs displayed on this page are licensed under the Creative Commons Deed and remain the property of Andrew Stawarz.

4 replies
  1. Daryl Burks
    Daryl Burks says:

    “Still half a world away at CU in Boulder,Colorado USA, and still feeling as if I’m in the Cathedral now while on this site…that is just so damn cool!”

  2. Ian
    Ian says:

    Superb photographs, particularly those in monochrome.

    Although largely secular in outlook, I can still be greatly moved by these images.

  3. Daryl Burks
    Daryl Burks says:

    Just thought I’d let you know, that in June of 1956 on the 18th, I was born in Ely, but raised in Denver, Colorado.

    I now live in Boulder, Colorado and attend a university.

    WHEN I first made it back to Ely, Cambs. the local new paper picked up on my story and printed it – “Native returns to find lost relations”.

    Now, I’m half a world away, and the fact I can pull up this site, admire these photos and feel as if I am there now!

    Thank you oh so much…

  4. JoAnna
    JoAnna says:

    I really enjoyed the Photos, and am very appreciative of you sharing them with me and others browsing through your site!

    Thank you for the privilege of looking at them…. Awesome!!!

    Blessings, JoAnna

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