Ely’s Four-Pint Bridge World Record Attempt

The next time you pour the last dregs of milk from your four-pint milk carton don’t throw it away as you can be part of an ambitious project to build a 36-metre-long bridge that will span the River Ouse – the bridge will be made from 14,100 empty four-pint cartons!

Image: Four-Pint Bridge

Once completed the bridge will bear a load of 30 people at any one time and allow an an environmentally friendly Smart car to drive across the river and will be a new world record.

The bridge is aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues and is the idea of Jack Waterfall, a councillor on ECDC. Jack said: ‘The bridge will represent the amount of plastic people in Cambridgeshire are consuming before dinner time. That amount of plastic consumption is not sustainable, so it is bringing that forward to the public’s attention.”

The World Record Attempt will take place on June 23rd as part of the Ely Rowing Club and Ely Sailing Club’s ‘Ely Classic Regatta’ which starts 12 noon to 5pm (accessed from Willow Walk or Kiln Lane, Ely).

Image: Jack Waterfall and family

How can I get involved in the project?

  1. For those who want to take a more hands-on role, Coun. Waterfall can be contacted on 07767 795895.
  2. You can become an OFFICIAL COLLECTOIN POINT.
  3. If you can collect and store at least 470 empty 4 pint milk containers, the organisers can come to your site with all the other materials to make a ‘bridge module’ with you.
  4. When we bridge The River Great Ouse, we will need a number of volunteers to walk over it!
  5. Anyone who wants to contribute can deposit empty bottles in collection bins at the offices of Price Bailey accountants in Broad Street, Ely, or at East Cambridgeshire District Council’s offices at The Grange in Nutholt Lane, Ely.

Diary Dates for the Four-Pint Bridge

  1. 7th April: Stitching rafts together with the general pubic at The Boat Race Bash, Jubilee Gardens 1pm-5pm
  2. 30th April: Stitching rafts together with the general pubic at The Boat Race Bash, Jubilee Gardens 1pm-5pm
  3. 23rd June: Bridging the Ouse – World Record Attempt, Ely Classic Regatta 12noon to 5pm (accessed from Willow Walk or Kiln Lane, Ely)
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  1. Dan Phillip
    Dan Phillip says:

    Dude, get out more, is that all youcan think of? How will you survive without being able to sail down the Ely for 20mins!!!!

    By the way, will your vessel be wind powered or will that be pumping out oil and diesel into the Ely….exactly what this project is campaiging about, THE ENVIRONMENT

  2. K. Fairbairn
    K. Fairbairn says:

    As a Boater I hope that all the relevant permissions have been granted, as this event will halt lawful navigation of the river, surely it would have been better organised at the same time as Ely Aquafest where there would be less disruption to navigation plus the added attendance that this event will bring.

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