Friend’s Pay Respect – Tabloid’s Go ‘Wild’

Two teenage sisters found dead in their own home died from stab wounds, allegedly inflicted by their 39-year-old mother it has emerged. The mother was arrested on suspicion of murder at the family home in The Crofters, Stretham, at 8am today.

Here is last night’s BBC Look East coverage.


The sisters lived separately, Davina with her father and Jasmine with her mother. On the social networking website Bebo they had discussed how much they missed each other and wished that they could live together again.

Of all the social networking sites, Bebo emerged as the place where friends turned to reconnect and console each other over the tragic loss of their friends. On the girl’s personal webpages the focus has turned to remembrance and many friends (real life & online) have left messages of sympathy on the site.

The circumstances surrounding the deaths remained unclear last night, but it is believed that the mother made a telephone call to a friend, understood to be a special constable, who then called an off-duty policeman.


Local & National Press ‘Dig The Dirt”

Truth does not sell newspapers and coverage of this tragedy in many newspapers (national and local) has been quite vulgar.

It’s interesting to see how the tabloid media scourer social networking sites like Bebo, Face Book and MySpace in these instances and then find dig to find the worst in people. The truth is, if you read any teenagers page on these sites you will find the same boasts of excess and exuberance. Its called growing up!

The Sun newspaper has reported on the ‘wild girls’: “Davina, 16, boasts about stealing and fighting, while Jasmine tells of her love of booze — even though she was just 13.”

The paper also alleged ‘a former friend’ of Mrs Kumari-Baker claimed she earned a reputation for affairs as her marriage failed.
The female pal said: “She was sometimes called the village bike.”

According to the Daily Mail, “officers are trying to discover what sparked the violence, amid speculation that the mother attacked her daughters after rowing over their drinking, smoking, stealing and fighting”.

It said: “Their mother, who divorced the girls’ father three years ago, is thought to have recently been dropped by a long-term boyfriend.”

Messages Of Sympathy

If you wish to pay your respects you can do so by leaving messages at the girl’s Bebo web pages:

Jasmine’s Bebo web page.

Davina’s Bebo web page.