No Butts About It – Ely Is Smokefree

From Sunday 1st July, the Health Act 2006 becomes law. This means smoking in all workplaces and public places will be banned.

Image: Ely Is Smoke Free

As East Cambridgeshire gears up to go smoke free this weekend, officers from ECDC are giving out final reminders about what the new laws will mean.

The smoke free legislation means shops, pubs, offices should be places free of smokers lighting up and any second hand cigarette smoke. If any public or work places do not comply with law, they may face fixed penalty notices or fines.

Liz Knox, Head of Environmental Services & Housing, said: “Basically the legislation means that any place of work or enclosed public space should be smoke free. This includes places like restaurants, shops, museums and more significantly work places which means an end to smoking rooms in the office. Landlords will also have to ensure that common parts of shared houses comply with the legislation.

“There has been a tremendous amount of advertising and publicity regarding the new legislation so there will be no excuse for pleading ignorance especially with fines in the region of £50 – £200 for non compliance. My team will be about from Sunday to enforce the legislation but the feedback we have had leads us to believe the new laws will be self enforcing with everyone taking time to enjoy their new environment.”