You Are Lawful But We Dislike You!

Planners at East Cambridgeshire District Council have received an application for a Certificate of Lawfulness from the developer who owns Roswell Pits.

The application covers a range of uses and works that the owner considers do not require planning permission. It includes the use of the Pits for boats, temporary moorings, maintenance works and temporary works.

Developers make applications for Certificates of Lawfulness in order to establish whether activities or works can go ahead without planning permission.

The Council will take legal advice before determining the application. The onus is on the applicant to supply significant supporting documentary evidence. The decision on such applications is taken purely on this factual information, without any regard to ‘suitability’ considerations or reference to local planning policies. Under Planning legislation these applications are not advertised or sent out for consultation with public because it is a legal determination rather than a debate about the acceptability of the proposals.

The Council still expects the developer to submit a planning application for the development of permanent moorings in the near future and there will be extensive public consultation on any planning application for this site.

David Archer, Executive Director for Development Services at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “We can confirm we have received an application from the owner of Roswell Pits for a Certificate of Lawfulness covering a range of uses and works including temporary moorings. This application does not cover his longer-term plans for the future development of The Pits and permanent works will have to be the subject of a planning application. We will make a decision on the application for a Certificate of Lawfulness after carefully considering whether under planning law , the developer’s proposals can take place without planning permission.”

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  1. john doe
    john doe says:

    The current owner of Roswell Pits cares as much for the local wildlife as he does for the trees he ripped out the ground and burnt. I know very well that the only drive for this development is the dollar signs he sees at the end. Mr tyrell is a money grabbin tyrant, ask any of his marina customers and I’m sure they will agree.

    Perhaps a look around his marina site would show what an enviromentaly negative attitude this man holds. If he succeeds in his plan very little good will come for ely and massive gains will be reapt by him. That site could be worth millions to him, how much is it worth to you to take your children to see natural beauty on that scale?

  2. Michael Bond
    Michael Bond says:

    Having visited Roswell Pits today for the first time for several years I was appalled to find major earthworks being carried out on the SSI. In addition mature hedgerow has been removed along with quality habitat for wildlife. Where the hell were those responsible for enforcing the conservation of our natural environment? Someone is sleeping on the job.

  3. Frank Richards
    Frank Richards says:

    This “application” is at least six months too late. Most of the “work and improvements” to the site have already taken place. Can the public see the “supporting evidence” and comment on its veracity? The applicant is trying to make a fool of our local Planners and this latest ploy should be rejected out of hand and instructions to stop ALL further work until a full PLANNING APPLICATION is received,debated and approved.

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