Farmers Market 7th Birthday

This Saturday (14th July), Ely’s Farmers’ Market is celebrating it’s seventh birthday and ‘MP’s support their markets Month’ with a visit from James Paice, MP for Cambridgeshire South East and Councillor Fred Brown, Chairman of East Cambridgeshire District Council.

As part of the birthday celebrations a face painter will be on hand to decorate accompanied children, there will be information on how the Farmers Market can reduce carbon footprints and competitions will also be held during the morning.

To complete the celebrations, there will be a birthday cake supplied by Tom’s Cakes, one of the Farmers Market traders for market shoppers to try.

Councillor Fred Brown, Chairman of East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “Farmers markets are a modern interpretation of an age-old idea, that local farmers and food producers have a place in which to sell their wares locally to local people. At a time when many markets are in decline, Ely Markets remain well supported and have continued to evolve to ensure they meet the needs of our growing population. Our success in achieving a highly commended in the National Market Awards earlier this year shows the achievements of Ely Markets.

“We believe the Markets have made a real difference to local farmers and food producers as it now brings people into the city who may not have come otherwise. Farmers’ markets co-exist alongside conventional street markets all over the UK; there are some 550 towns, cities, villages and boroughs with farmers’ markets, complementing around 1,200 conventional town centre markets. Supporting your farmers’ market is really important and we are delighted to have James Paice, MP support.”