Work in Ely and need to park all day?

District Council officers are appealing to businesses in Ely for information as they seek to determine whether a permit-parking scheme for employees is viable in the city.

With new car parking regulations due to come into force on 10th December, there will be early morning restrictions on all city centre long stay public car parks, allowing vehicles to park for 90 minutes between 8:00 am and 10:00 am.

In essence this will mean that if vehicles park at 8:30am they will be able to remain in the car park for the remainder of the day unrestricted. However if they park earlier than 8:00am they will have to leave the car park by 9:30am and will be unable to return for two hours.

The District Council has written to businesses in the city to find out whether a special permit scheme for companies in Ely is required and wanted, and what the level of demand could potentially be.

Councillor John Seaman MBE, Chairman of the Environment & Transport Committee, said: “The new car parking regime which is to start in December is designed to meet the needs of shoppers, visitors and commuters. However, we do not want to inconvenience those who work in the city.

“We understand that local businesses may have staff who come to work before 8.30 in the morning who need some where they can park all day. This is why we have written to Ely retailers and other businesses to find out whether their staff would make use of a permit scheme. We are currently collecting responses but would implore anyone who received the survey to fill it in and get it back to us.”

The results of the survey will be reported back at the Environment and Transport Committee on the 13th November.