An Ulterior Motive For Reducing ADeC’s Funding?

Image: ADeC Cinema website

Many of you will be aware about the current funding debacle at ADeC. If not, here’s a re-cap: East Cambridgeshire District Council’s community services committee voted to slash by 40 per cent the funding it gives to Art Development East Cambridgeshire (ADeC), which runs Ely’s cinema and art gallery as well as hosting concerts and plays.

It looks like ECDC are being somewhat conservative (excuse the pun) with truth!

The Council say they have to make cuts but actually they didn’t, they volunteered to do so. They then cut a huge chunk of the money from ADeC without actually consulting it. Despite pleas from residents who filled the public seats in the council chamber, the £70,000 was cut from the £174,242 council grant was voted through by councillors from the controlling Conservative group meaning that the Babylon Gallery and the cinema are likely to close.

One of the theories is that they want to sell Babylon Bridge House for development or that they want to tie it in with a change of tenure at the Maltings, which is going to be refurbished in April. The theory goes that this is a way of getting ADEC out first.

They have also come into £100,000 unexpectedly from a legal action so they didn’t even need to reduce funding in the first place!

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  1. Cllr Jackie Petts, Ely East
    Cllr Jackie Petts, Ely East says:

    A question, not a comment. Please tell me more about the £100,000 the Council is alleged to have acquired from a legal action and how this is connected to ADEC.


    Jackie Petts

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