Permits Planned For City Workers

Council Chiefs will be debating three key aspects of the Ely Transport Strategy today to ensure the new car parking regime is fit to meet the needs of shoppers, visitors and workers in the city.

As part of a number of measures to encourage better use of the limited resources within the city, Councillors will be looking at how the car parks can accommodate city centre workers, confirm details of the Saturday Park & Ride service and look at suitable locations for coaches to park:

Following surveys of businesses in the city, it is envisaged that a permit scheme be introduced for businesses. These permits, costing £25 each, would be available for employers to apply for and come with a host of security measures to prevent misuse.

The new Saturday Park & Ride service from the new Angel Drove car park will be free and those using this new service will be able to redeem their car park charge at a number of local shops.

Finally, members will endorse an alternative coach parking site on the outskirts of the City, which will allow more off street parking spaces to be provided in Barton Road.

These enhancements, if approved, will be included within the draft Parking Order 2008:

Councillor John Seaman MBE, Chairman of the Environment & Transport Committee, said: “We have gone to huge lengths to consult the public about the car parking regulations which they would like to see and have listened to a great deal of what they had to say. We have introduced measures to move commuters out of the city centre car parks, we have suggested a scheme to allow the city’s businesses to thrive and we have made new park and ride proposals.

“However we understand that we cannot satisfy the demands of everyone no matter how much we would like to. We have had to make compromises and strike a balance with our limited resources to meet the best interests of the city. The Council will continue to monitor the changing patterns of parking when the new order comes into effect and feedback is particularly welcome to assist in evaluating the new regime.”