Plans For New Parking Regulations Explained

In order to ensure a smooth transition for the new car parking arrangements in Ely, Council Chiefs have agreed to phase the new rules in over the next three months.

The decision was taken following feedback from the public and businesses; it also allows East Cambridgeshire District Council to focus on checking that drivers do not exceed the time limits in short stay car parks in the lead up to Christmas.

From the 10th December, the Town Centres Team will focus on the short-stay car parks to ensure that there is a regular turnover of spaces for shoppers and visitors and normal monitoring and enforcement regimes will be maintained. Then from 11th January they will extend the monitoring and enforcement activity into long stay car parks and commence a period of issuing warning notices to vehicles that do not comply with the new early morning restrictions introduced by the regulations.

This will be followed from 11th February 2008 by a fully monitored parking enforcement service, to combine with a business permit scheme, subject to the outcome of public consultation. It is at this stage that Penalty Charge Notices will be issued to vehicles that contravene the Parking Order.

Councillor John Seaman MBE, Chairman of the Environment & Transport Committee, said: “Having listened to feedback from the public, we are keen to phase the new regulations in to ensure everyone knows what is expected of them. We urge those who use the public car parks to comply with the new regulations as far as is practicable during these transitional arrangements.

“We also hope that local businesses will encourage their staff to reduce their reliance on the public car parks, by promoting where possible car sharing and alternative methods of travel. Our key aim in introducing the new regime is to improve accessibility to the city for those who wish to use the City’s many and varied shops and facilities to maintain and enhance the vibrant commercial centre of Ely.”

Penalty Charge Notices will still be issued throughout this period to drivers who park over the time limit in short stay car parks, use disabled parking bays without displaying a valid blue badge and to those who park outside marked bays or cause an obstruction.

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  1. P Coles
    P Coles says:

    I have just received a £30 ticket for parking in broad street car park! I hope Councillor Seaman is happy! I bet he has a nice house with parking on the drive and when he arrives at the council offices he has a space to park, so he never has to worry about moving his car because he can not get a parking permit!

    I read the notice in here saying that coach parking at Barton Road car park has ended but still see coachs parking there. Why’s that?

  2. Claire van Leersum
    Claire van Leersum says:

    Can anyone tell me what the restrictions actually are? The signs in the Paradise car park do not appear to be finished.

    I have added a link to the footer of the article. Editor

  3. P Coles
    P Coles says:

    If I read the new parking rules right an HGV can park in the Cresswells lane car park, this looks mad to me as the park is very small, whereas if they could park at Barton road at night this would be better as not so far to the main road out of Ely and not so many sharp corner to get around.

  4. P Coles
    P Coles says:

    So someone who works nights and has to come home and sleep during the day has to get up and move their car from the car-park during the early morning parking restrictions so someone else who works or visits Ely can have a parking space. As I and many others move around Ely to find another parking space we bung up the streets with our cars. This is madness!!!

  5. Mark
    Mark says:

    If the Government think I will pay any PCN I get they can think again! I pay tax unlike some people.

    How can I live and look after my family if the Government want every last penny I earn so the fat cats can drive their big cars and live in there big houses.

    Stuff this country its done nothing for me!

    Lots of love a true Brit!

  6. Cllr Jackie Petts, Ely East
    Cllr Jackie Petts, Ely East says:

    I think all councillors do understand the problem only to well, it is the solution that is bugging us.

    I presume, if and when proper on-street residents parking is introduced, it will not guarantee you a space outside you house, but just the right to park on-street in Ely wherever there are designated spaces.

    Clearly it will be impossible for every house to have it’s own specific space in streets like Parade Lane. However, there is still the car park and you can still use that all day apart from the early morning rule.

    Believe me we are not enjoying upsetting residents in this way, but as I think I have said before, this is a very exciting time for Ely and we must unclog the centre and let in the business, employers, major retail outlets, visitors and shoppers who are itching to come here.

    It can only be to all our advantage as well as the value of houses in the centre as it becomes possible for more and more residents to work and have a life in the City and not just sleep here.

    Meanwhile I am continuing to plug parking concessions for restricted streets.

    Jackie Petts

  7. P Coles
    P Coles says:

    With reference to Cllr. Jackie Petts, if all the people who live on Silver street and Parade lane park outside their house this would bring two or more roads to a standstill. As some have no parking facilities where do the council suggest they park? I thank you councillor for what you have tried to do but I think other councillors do not understand the parking problems in these road, I think it may be better that they left there offices an had a good look at these roads and parking.

  8. Cllr Jackie Petts, Ely East
    Cllr Jackie Petts, Ely East says:

    Signs would be a good idea – I will see what can be done about that. I rather doubt that the station will let us advertise our cheaper facility on their patch though.

    Re Silver Street and Parade, these streets are in my ward and I have been trying very hard to get a similar concession for them as those granted to employees who have to park before 8:30. In fact it was I who put forward a motion to this effect (to include all residents living on restricted streets with no private parking) at the last Environment and Transport meeting. It was defeated mainly because the majority of the committee believed that it would be impossible to restrict the concession to just these streets.

    I must say I am beginning to see that they probably have a point in the light of the correspondence I am receiving from people who seem to think that they have some sort of statutory right to free parking. However, I am continuing to fight for a pass for those living in the City centre on restricted streets.

    In my view, the only legitimate reason for this is that it is bad for congestion in the morning to force people to change car parking places and will not result in any more actual spaces.

    Re the Hereward Housing facility – I don’t know about this, but probably it is owned by the housing association and therefore the Council will have no control of it. I will enquire.

    Jackie Petts

  9. P Coles
    P Coles says:

    What about the parking for people on Silver street and Parade lane who have nowhere to park their cars other than Barton road car park. I think it is disgusting that the only people how have set parking spaces in Barton road car park are council staff.

    Also I travelled to Ely today and found the new car-park on Angel drove but no signs to show the new park and ride site for visitors to follow.

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