City of Ely Community College: Bullies Prosper While Victims Get Excluded!

School bullies at the City of Ely Community College are getting away with their intimidation, threats and taunting while victims are being excluded for defending themselves.

It was recently brought to our attention that a year 7 pupil was relentlessly taunted to the point that the bullied pupil lashed out at the provocateur. In this situation you would have thought that the bully would be firmly reprimanded and possibly excluded, but in this instance the victim was excluded for 5 days even though they told staff what happened and had witnesses. This cannot be right! If someone is bullying you you should tell someone you can trust – a teacher? Bullies find it hard to pick on someone if they know you have someone to support you. Unfortunately, on this occasion they appear to have sided with the bully.

Ely Online is aware of why the individual was bullied but does not want to publicise the circumstances.

As of publication the City of Ely Community College has not commented.

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  1. Ely College
    Ely College says:

    An incident took place two weeks ago when a group of Year 7 students isolated a fellow male pupil. During this incident one girl assaulted the boy. This was witnessed by others and freely admitted by the girl who was then verbally abusive to staff when they attempted to deal with the situation.

    This was reported to me as the acting Head teacher which I considered along with a number of other incidents involving the same girl. Physical violence is simply not acceptable or tolerated no matter the provocation at Ely and following the school guidelines I decided to exclude the girl for five days.

    Our investigation into the incident revealed a number of circumstances which led to the escalation into attack. We are now working through these with all those concerned in order to prevent any repeat.
    I would stress that we take allegations of bullying very seriously and these will always be dealt with immediately so our students know they can come to the college to learn and grow without fear of harassment.

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