Authorities Illegally Seizing Assets Of Incapacitated

My husband John Westwell for whom I have Power of Attorney – even with Power of Attorney I am treated as a criminal by Cambridge County Council. The attack has been relentless since he was sectioned in 1992 and has been under their ‘care’ ever since. The authorities refuse to provide NHS funding for his care home fees. I have been constantly under attack – with demands for care home fees, to complete assessment forms, and to sign an agreement with the threat of having to pay the full care home fees if I did not. I have asked for a copy of their Code of Practice – they do not have one. My representative who attended a recent meeting described it as akin to a lynching.
When he was moved to Heron House by the authorities in 2006 my husband was clearly worse than Pamela Coughlin who won her case for NHS funded care in 1999. He was noisy, incontinent, unable to speak coherently , could not feed himself at all and needed a wheelchair. I received little information about the circumstances surrounding the closing of his ward and his removal to Addenbrooke’s Hospital and then to Heron House. At the time of his removal, the only contact was a phone call from the charge nurse at James Ward at Addenbrookes, Kathrin Phillips, who asked me to call 01223 586876. It was a wrong number and when I contacted the hospital no one had heard of Kathrin Phillips. I spent an hour and a half phoning, trying to speak to the person responsible for his removal from the ward at Fulbourn Hospital. No one, including Fulbourn Hospital, knew who was responsible or would not let me speak to them. I have regularly stated that I believe John should have full NHS funding and I wish to appeal against any decision against this.

I have been obliged to have a solicitor help me fight my case: Mr Henry Anstey,

As indicated by a recent letter and minutes of a meeting held last week, I am being treated as an untrustworthy criminal and regardless of the law, they are intent on extricating funds from his accounts:

In a letter to my solicitor, Daniel Snowdon demanded a copy of a trust document and of John’s mother’s will (she died recently) because it may affect Mr Westwell’s financial assessment or his care at Heron House.

re a meeting on 20th October 2009 chaired by Vanessa Gibney: Lead Practitioner Safeguard: In the invitation to the meeting I am referred to as “the perpetrator “, my husband “the victim”.

at the meeting: Danie Snowdon said I was asked for money but refused to pay. (I had assumed payments would be taken at source but they were not. Then I had asked for the bank account details to make payments – none given. I had also asked that if I had to pay retrospectively could I pay this over a period of time. I am still waiting for a response.)

VG said in response to Dr T Dening, Consultant Psychiatrist of Fulbourn Hospital’s statement 1996 that the complexity of John’s illness meant that John should require continuing care in NHS accommodation: “The consultant didn’t have the power to make this point.”

Vanessa Gibney’s response to my representative saying: “we [will] make an appeal against the decision for continuing care” : “No-one will sanction that the NHS will have to pay – no way will he be funded. “

Vanessa Gibney is going to call the police liaison person to the next meeting and said they would arrange to stop John’s Incapacity Benefit and Pension Credit payments as the money was not being used appropriately. (I have been using his Incapacity Benefit and Pension Credit according to the way he would want me to – i.e. as a husband and father of 2 – the eldest having a child with brain cancer to deal with and as a member of his family).