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Anne’s View Uncut – Week 31

I’ve had little time this week to do much more than walk from shop to shop and complain. It feels as though I’ve spent more time dealing with idiot sales people than I’ve dealt with computer problems … and that’s saying something. To date, I have crashed 4 computers and owned 6. The head count […]

Anne’s View Uncut – Week 30

Watching Television Programmes such as Big Brother can seriously damage your health. If you are in any doubt just ask someone who has watched every episode of every series since the mind-numbing nonsense first hit our screens! The tell-tale signs are an inability to use words of more than five letters, a blank stare while […]

Anne’s View Uncut – Week 29

As usual the local council has prompted a bewildered … “What the hell …?â€? from me. I swear It’s almost as though someone somewhere has it in for little ole Ely. Because once again the squad has let down the Ely traders (and patrons) with yet another line of attack. Next we’ll be reading that […]