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Lester Pete … from America – Chapter 3

We don’t give a lot of thought to the idea of being homeless nor the possible causes. I hate to admit it, but most of us are callous when we see someone begging for money. There are documented cases of people who beg as a form of ‘non-taxable’ income and after hours of standing on […]

Lester Pete … from America – Chapter 2

Hello again Ely, greetings from across the big pond! I continue to receive comments regarding the perception of American travellers and it seems that overwhelmingly, my fellow countrymen (and women) are appalled by “thoseâ€? Americans travelling abroad. This week was also curious as I encountered a distracted driver on the road. I wonder if folks […]

Lester Pete … from America – Chapter 1

Ely Online welcomes American columnist Lester Pete. OK Lester, introduce yourself… My name is Lester Pete. I was born and raised in the South Western region of the United States. Much of my education and upbringing has been Ameri-centric and as such, I have a tendency to see things as an American (go figure). I […]