Barracuda to invade Ely

The Barracuda pub chain are set to make Ely their next home. The successful pub chain will open on the former Cutlacks site, Market Street. The pub promises cheap drinks and food for locals and tourists of the city.

Image: The Hereward Public House

There is concern that the chain’s cheap prices will take trade away from existing public houses. There is also worry that cheap drinks will lead to more alcohol-related problems for the area.

Local resident Lee Smith, 22, of St Mary’s Street, said that the youth gang problem stemmed from boredom not alcohol. He said: “The young blokes walking around at night are doing that because they’re too young for pubs and there’s nothing else for them to do here.

“Drink prices or opening hours cannot be allowed to regulate a person’s behaviour – they have to take that responsibility themselves.�

The Barracuda pub is set to open in May.

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  1. Dale Green
    Dale Green says:

    About time for the new pub chain. I used to like a beer in Ely, but the prices just went crazy and I do not pay £2-50p for a pint of beer. I think and hope If the drinks are resonable priced the pub will be a roaring success. Good luck and maybe locals will see my face on the scene again [ableit older and uglier] haha.

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