The Cup That Cheers

Ely City FC lifted the Ridgeons League First Division Knock-Out Cup yesterday afternoon. The Robins beat teams such as March Town, Ipswich Wanderers and Stanway Rovers to earn their place in yesterday’s game, played at Recreation Way, Mildenhall. A large (for the division) crowd assembled in the sunshine to watch the match which was clinched for Ely when Andy Chatters slipped the ball under the Needham Market keeper to win the match.

Steamin’ & A Rollin’

Morning – welcome to a damp squib of a Wednesday morning (or Tuesday if you’re one of those people who can’t adjust after a ‘Bankie’). All of us commuters who use the iron horse twixt Ely, Cambridge and London will have breathed a largish sigh of relief this morning as the trains, once more, began to roll. Due to engineering works between Friday morning and the early hours of today, WAGN have been running a replacement bus service. I’m not quite sure what the aim of the engineering work was but I hope they’ve straightened out the rails at the section near Little Thetford. You’ll know that part of the line – it’s where you’re thrown from one side of the carriage to the other if you’re standing.

Tony Blair Can’t Win

As election day is virtually upon us I thought I would share this email I received today from American, Greg Palast. This will be my one and only posting on the election.

Mark my words: Tony Blair won’t be re-elected on Thursday. However, he will remain in office.

That’s because Brits don’t vote for their Prime Minister. They’ve got a “parliamentary” system there in the Mother Country. And the difference between democracy and parliamentary rule makes all the difference. It is the only reason why Blair will keep his job — at least for a few months.

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‘X’ Marks The Spot

People of Ely – use your vote wisely. Whether your colours are Red, Blue, Orange or Green, make your mark today and let’s have a 100% turn out. It’s no good complaining afterwards that the ‘wrong’ person was elected. I won’t reveal my own political allegiance but I can exclusively predict what will happen in the next 15 years:

Image: Polling Day In Little Downham

Labour will win this General Election with a reduced majority, Tony Blair will resign in May 2007 after completing 10 years in the hot seat and Gordon Brown will take over. After bringing in a raft of traditional socialist policies he will alienate all the voters who have switched to Labour recently. The next election will be in June 2009 which Labour will win with a majority of only 23. At that point a rising star in the Tory party will finally emerge and force Prime Minister Brown to call an early Election in 2012 which the Tories will win with a majority of 88. The Tories will win the next election (2016) and the one after that (2020). At that point I’ll be 57 and will vote for whoever offers the most ‘cold-winter’ allowance and a free tv licence.

Election Fever

After weeks of being bombarded with election news, the day has finally arrived. The good, and for that matter the not-so good, citizens of Ely must walk to a random church or village hall and make their choice. Or at least that is what you should be doing.

As a young-ish person I am constantly being labelled as ‘apathetic.’ Allegations of a lack of political consciousness are thrown about like the chip shop papers from which I apparently eat at bus stations late at night.

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Bird On A Wire?

With the last votes being counted at great speed by inky-fingered civil servants, you’d reasonably expect today’s topic of conversation to be Tony Blair and his prospects for the next four years. But no, the subject that’s gnawing at me today is…old birds. For the past couple of years I’ve had a question that no-one has been able to answer for me: ‘Where do old birds go?’

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Election Results: Cambridgeshire North East

Just in case you missed the election results for Cambridgeshire North East here they are.

Top three parties at a glance

  • Conservative 47.5%
  • Labour 30.0%
  • Liberal Democrat 17.1%
  • Swing: 2.1% from Labour to Conservative

In detail

  • Malcolm Moss (Conservative) 24,181 votes (47.5%)
  • Ffinlo Costain (Labour) 15,280 votes (30%)
  • Alan Dean (Liberal Democrat) 8,693 votes (17.1%)
  • Len Baynes (UKIP) 2,723 5.4 votes (5.4%)

Conservative majority of 8,901 (17.5%)

Turnout: 50,877 (59.8%)

Bull Shaving

With Whitsun fast approaching I’d like to share something with you all that I read in a dusty old parish magazine recently. It would appear that in Little Downham they had a singular way of celebrating the day. This quote is from an old gentleman in the village who remembers the tradition with startling clarity:

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Robin Reliant

I support Ely City. When people ask me why, I say; because I’m a glory-hunter.

No, it’s because they are only ten minutes down the road and I’ve lived in the Isle of Ely since I was an egg. As much as I love the game I can’t say I’d ever be the type to do those mammoth trips that you hear about on phone-in shows; you know the ones. They set off from Torquay on their bike on a Friday morning for a Blackburn home game and then get back on Monday night.

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Horizontal Hold

Day Two of my football specials. I promise to talk about a wider variety of subjects in future:

With the collapse of the ITV2 deal a couple of years ago and the resultant problems for Nationwide league clubs, football’s corporate money men have been left crying into their laptops. Some pundits have suggested that the bubble has burst – it was a deal too far. Over the past few years, with the advent of extra-terrestrial television, armchair fans have gradually gained access to seven nights of football a week from this country and around the world. Countless programmes are devoted to discussion of the game and even Andrew Lloyd Webber got in on the act with a musical in the West End. It’s hard to remember a time when it wasn’t like this…

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