Election Fever

After weeks of being bombarded with election news, the day has finally arrived. The good, and for that matter the not-so good, citizens of Ely must walk to a random church or village hall and make their choice. Or at least that is what you should be doing.

As a young-ish person I am constantly being labelled as ‘apathetic.’ Allegations of a lack of political consciousness are thrown about like the chip shop papers from which I apparently eat at bus stations late at night.

Whilst I have to agree that apathy does affect some younger people when it comes to voting, the same can be said for a percentage of any group of electorates. Yet we need to care who is representing us, our needs, our wants, our fears. We have a duty to play the part in our democracy of choosing who runs it.

Many people forget what a power this is; we can decide who makes the decisions that affect our lives.
I recently saw an ingenious political party broadcast by the Liberal Democrats showing a young boy who looked a little like Mr Blair crying that there was a wolf in a forest. His argument ran along the lines that sheep were in there, and wolves wear cheeps clothing, thus a wolf was also present. The townspeople looked and looked but found no wolf. And nobody trusted anything he ever said ever again.

Casting your vote wisely tonight is a moral obligation, not something to occupy the time until something else comes along.

Remember this: if Oliver Cromwell’s House is turned into a gentleman’s club, you should have voted.

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  1. Karl Bedingfield
    Karl Bedingfield says:

    I was very surprised by the lack of canvassing!

    I only had the Lib Dem’s knock on my door and post flyers. Nothing at all from the Conservatives or Labour.

    I think the result is what many people wanted – a reduced majority.

  2. Martin
    Martin says:

    I voted on Thursday night. Two questions came up for me:

    1) Why were there no Green candidates?

    2) Why no Labour candidates for the County elections?

    All very odd. I guess you could put number 1 down to lack of resources, but number 2? What is going on here?

    Love the website!

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