Maltings Cinema Launch

Image: ADeC Cinema website

As the ‘The Maltings’ cinema (now known as the ADeC Cinema) reopens next month here is a quick roundup of not-to-be-missed titles.

Only an independent cinema can carry such a range of titles and genres without the over expensive popcorn salted dross.

The cinema reopens on June 1st at 5pm with a film for any age, ‘Robots’. From the makers of Ice Age, this animated film is beautifully crafted if a little cliched at times.

The launch night at 7.30pm sees Clint Eastwood picture ‘Million Dollar Baby’ closely followed on the next afternoon by classic The Spongebob, Squarepants Movie.’ Although the animation is far from the dizzying highs of ‘Robots’ or even ‘Wallace and Gromit,’ there is something endearing about the sea drawn with swirly barnacles in it. This film is a must see; children are entertained and adults can enjoy the bizzareness about half way through when nothing really makes any sense but it’s great anyway!

‘Vera Drake,’ ‘The Chorus’ and ‘Hotel Rwanda’ are also on the agenda, showing the versatility of Ely’s picture house. Comedy, drama, military, history, even surreal cartoons; it’s all on offer along with a nice cheeky red as well!