Karl’s ‘Another Late Night’ Mix Tape

Image: Late Night Tales: Karl Bedingfield

Ely Online’s editor (that’s me) likes to mix and a few weeks ago did a mix tape for a friend. He was was quite happy with the finished product and decided to make it available to the masses.

You can listen to the mix streamed online by pressing the play button below, broadband is your friend for this. If you don’t see the player below then you don’t have the Flash Player installed, that can be remedied by going here.



  1. Intro – Karl Bedingfield and Prefuse 73
  2. Je Suis Triste Et Seul Ici – Pete Namlook
  3. The Electrician – The Walker Brothers
  4. Cheree – Suicide
  5. Home (Air around the golf remix) – Depeche Mode
  6. Creepin’ – Stevie Wonder
  7. Footprints – Johnny Harris
  8. Soulbath – The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination
  9. Les Dunes D’Ostende – Francois de Roubaix
  10. Music For Body Lockers – Chocolate Weasel
  11. Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo – Wayne Carter
  12. Saboteur – Amon Tobin
  13. Power Boost – Peter Thomas
  14. Shadows Of Tomorrow (Four Tet Instrumental) – Madvillain
  15. Feels Like Winter Again – Fiat Lux
  16. Clouds Across The Moon – Rah Band
  17. Spring Rain – Silvetti
  18. Let Me Go – Heaven 17
  19. Chief Inspector – Wally Badarou
  20. Miracles – Jackson Sisters
  21. Bien, Bien – Control Machete
  22. Troubles – The Beta Band
  23. The Matter – Boom Bip
  24. Eutow – Autchere
  25. Transit – Fennesz
  26. Lejonet & Kulan – Dungen
  27. Things I Don’t Understand – Renaissance
  28. Say You Don’t Mind – Colin Blunstone

If you are interested in a CD version of the mix (with individual tracks and a colour sleeve) for a small fee then please get in touch.

If you enjoyed the mix some feedback would be welcome. Thanks.

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6 replies
  1. Mary McGuire
    Mary McGuire says:

    Thoroughly enjoyable, now I’ve had my network thingummy fixed I’ve listened to it a couple of times while I’m working! Lots of blasts from my past which I hadn’t heard for a long time. Have a gold star!

  2. Lee B
    Lee B says:

    Some fantastic tunes, thoughtfully and professionally mixed. Even stands up to comparison with some very popular podcasts out on the web. Another soon please?!?

  3. Martin
    Martin says:

    Downloading it as we speak and looking forward to hearing.

    Note to Anne: I think age difference and musical taste is becoming less and less relevant these days, at least for my generation (just gone 40).

  4. Anne de Bondt
    Anne de Bondt says:

    I am always listening out for music for my son and was curious about the CD compilation you mentioned in your last article.
    So I downloaded your mix intending to pass it on to junior when he next visited … but then decided to listen to it first as I was already at the computer doing some prep work on another article – and a little background music would be a welcome distraction.
    Now, I don’t think for one second that your CD was intended for the likes of my age group, you know, the old fogies, but I really liked it. And despite that I’m not familiar with even half the artists, I will quite happily listen to it again (that was your objective, right?)
    However, unfortunately, this means my son won’t get to listen to it as I am now not passing it on – I’m keeping it!
    I hope being praised by an ole’ fart doesn’t completely spoil the moment … but thanks. The selection of music was very good. I liked the diversity (that was your objective, right?)

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