Anne’s View Uncut – Week 31

Image: Retail Sales

I’ve had little time this week to do much more than walk from shop to shop and complain. It feels as though I’ve spent more time dealing with idiot sales people than I’ve dealt with computer problems … and that’s saying something. To date, I have crashed 4 computers and owned 6. The head count for idiotic counterjumpers is incalculable!
One High Street chain in particular (the name of which is more in keeping with hot spicy food than electrical appliances) earns my eternal scorn and criticism for their less than helpful customer service – on more than one occasion …

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Lester Pete … from America – Chapter 1

Image: Phoenix, AZ

Ely Online welcomes American columnist Lester Pete. OK Lester, introduce yourself…

My name is Lester Pete. I was born and raised in the South Western region of the United States. Much of my education and upbringing has been Ameri-centric and as such, I have a tendency to see things as an American (go figure). I have traveled through much of North America, taken a trip to Denmark and also played in the South Pacific. I hope to visit the United Kingdom in the not too distant future.

As we venture forward, I would like to share local events from my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona USA as well as my spin on various world events.

I have a personal belief that underneath our individual cultures, people from across the globe are very much alike. We just see and experience things with a little different “flavour� (see, I can be taught) I hope that the upcoming journey in these pages will become a beginning of the realization of truth to my belief. This column will help me learn about you and perhaps show you a little about me and who I am – you know, in case there is need to close the borders when I purchase my plane ticket on British Airways – there is a non-stop from Phoenix to London – scary, huh?

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Starbucks To Open In Ely August 8th

Image: Visit Starbucks Website

Starbucks will open in Ely High Street on Monday 8th August. Although there is still major interior work to be done the shopfitters said the date was firm although one worker did proclaim when asked when it opens, ‘A week Monday, Its hard to believe isn’t it?’

Starbucks said, ‘We are delighted to be opening our first store in Ely and we’re looking forward to becoming part of the community here.

We hope the store will be a real asset to its neighbourhood, providing approximately 14 jobs and offering a relaxing environment to enjoy some of the best coffees from around the world.

The new store will also showcase a selection of vintage photography depicting basket making, fishing and the local market, to celebrate Ely’s heritage. Local artist, Claire McGinley has been commissioned to produce a landscape painting featuring Ely Cathedral that will be put on display in the store’.

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Lester Pete … from America – Chapter 2

Hello again Ely, greetings from across the big pond!

I continue to receive comments regarding the perception of American travellers and it seems that overwhelmingly, my fellow countrymen (and women) are appalled by “those� Americans travelling abroad. This week was also curious as I encountered a distracted driver on the road. I wonder if folks on your side of the Atlantic have similar problems? Oh, and things are looking brighter, as in better, for our burning desert.

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The Friday Focus: Parking Charges For Ely

Image: Ely Parking

Ely Online intends to periodically evince issues facing the Catherdral City of Ely, in general to question whether Ely is moving in the right direction.
This forum, which Ely Online is calling ‘The Friday Focus’, will serve as a means by which you can consider matters of importance facing Ely in the coming months and years, and encourage you to make your views public and uncensored.

This week Ely Online is to discuss ECDC controversial plan to introduce parking charges to Ely.

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Anne’s View Uncut – Week 33

I am curious about the impact swearing has on some people. And I wonder who governs what is or isn’t considered a swear word. For the most part, I deem language, bad or otherwise, to be a personal choice similar to religion, politics and vegetarianism. But some meddlesome folk are just hell bent on ridding the world of the “F” word! Such folk might find it easier to rid the world of starvation!

And youths of today are being punished with classical music … and it’s about time! Lord knows we adults have had to put up with the vulgar sounds of Gangsta Rap for long enough – turn a bout’s fair play!

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A Visitor’s View Of Ely

Ely Online recently had a comment posted about Starbucks opening in Ely by someone who writes under the name of Mochachocolatté. Mochachocolatté is a Londoner who has been spending time in Ely and wrote an interesting oberservational piece on Ely.

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Parking Crises Update – Peak Time Parking

Image: Cresswell's Lane Car Park

Recently ECDC claimed that ‘central car parks are full on market days’, I was not convinced so decided to visit all the car parks in Ely at a peak time, Saturday at 3pm. As expected the car parks very close to the City Centre were almost full, these being: Brays Lane (Waitrose), Forehill, St. Mary’s Street, Newnham Street, Barton Road car park was 3 quarters full. There was quite a lot of bays free in the Grange (ECDC car park) & Hereward Housings car park within the Barton Road car park. Cresswell’s Lane and Fisherman’s car parks were almost empty, between the 2 of these car parks there are 67 parking bays. Only 20 bays were occupied (and half of those were works vans parked for the weekend) when I visited them at 3pm. Both car parks are, at worst, 10 minutes from the City Centre and a stones throw from the tourist destination of Waterside. I was able to park in all the car parks I visited. Does this prove anything? Not really, just that as stated in my article ‘The Friday Focus: Parking Charges For Ely’, you can find a parking space in Ely relatively easy!

Image: Fisherman's Lane Car Park

Anne’s View Uncut – Week 34

Image: Fat Bastard

Why is being honest regarded as being antisocial? Why do I constantly have to defend my “frankness� when I am accosted by a large person, asked if I mind someone cutting in or tolerating bad service at a restaurant?

I don’t consider it rude to be straightforward yet I am sometimes regarded as an outcast because I will say something to a large person shoving their weight around or no to being asked if someone can cut in because they think their needs are more important than anyone else’s. And I’ll insist on being served a full cup of coffee if I am to be charged the full price!

And the gods should forbid I ever object to a fatty sitting in their car eating while the queue of motorists waiting for the petrol pump to become free grows ever longer!

I mean, wouldn’t the world be a much nicer place if we all spoke our minds without the fear of being branded as a social pariah?

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