The Case For Parking Charges In Ely

Image: Ely Parking

Ely Online has been forthright in it’s opposure to proposed parking charges for Ely. Recently quoted Philip Eden, Chair of The Ely Perspective who wrote an open letter to the Ely Weekly News.

Here is that letter in full giving ECDC’s Ely Transport Strategies case for introducing parking charges:

There has been much coverage of the proposal to introduce charges for parking in Ely. Along with other independent representatives, I sit on the Transport Strategy working group, which is looking at these proposals. The City of Ely Perspective, of which I am chairman, has been working with the district council and others for some time on Ely’s Transport Strategy, which is about far more than just car parking. Little has been said about the background to the proposals though, and what they will achieve. Clearly, anyone asked to pay for something previously free is bound to be unhappy. This is totally understandable.

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