The Ely Online Christmas 2005 Mini-Mix

Image: Happy Xmas

The Xmas spirit hasn’t really grabbed Ely Online this year, something to do with the major chains ramming Christmas down our throats in late October (Tesco, Woolworths, Waitrose are you listening?). Ely Online decided to inflict further misery on you in the form of a hastily arranged 12 minute mini-mix conveniently titled ‘The Ely Online Christmas 2005 Mini-Mix’.

You can listen to the mix streamed online by pressing the play button below, broadband is your friend for this. If you don’t see the player below then you don’t have the Flash Player installed, that can be remedied by going here.


You can also download the complete mix at 192kbps (16mb).
This download is now offline, you can still stream above.


  1. Intro by Bruce Willis
  2. Hark The Herald Angels Sing – Sufjan Stevens
  3. Silent Night – Nathan Fake
  4. Winter Wonderland (Bent Remix) – Bing Crosby
  5. Snow Story (KB Moonlighting Remix) – Opiate
  6. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Judy Garland
  7. Outro by Bruce Willis & Cybill Shepherd

If you enjoyed the mix some feedback would be welcome. Thanks.

As one newspaper put it recentely, ‘Christmas; a hateful faux-Christian festival primarily used to generate sales in the High Street’. Anyway, to all a very merry Christmas!

In January 2006 there will be a new ‘Back To Mine’ mixtape featuring some of my favourite tunes – new and old classics. Stay tuned

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Ely’s Forgotten Bands: This Property Is Condemned

Ely Online has had a long association with many Ely bands over the last twenty years, some we were in, some were just good friends with, others we just dug! We thought it would be good to highlight some of these long forgotton bands by digging into our own press clippings and Ely Standard’s microfiche at Ely Library. So this is the first of an infrequent feature called ‘Ely’s Forgotten Bands’.

Image: This Property Is Condemned

To start off I decided to highlight my own little foray into 80s elctronica with a project called ‘This Property Is Condemned’. The project stems from the mid-80s and was a collaboration with John Glover.

I still recall the day I re-discovered early 80s electronic music, sure I had been aware of it since ’79 but being so heavily involved in the Mod revival from 1979-1984 I dismissed any other music that didn’t conform to my version of mod and that included just about everything! Personally I blame Paul Haig for my departure from the mod way of life – one Friday evening while watching a long forgotten Channel 4 show called ‘The Switch’ I saw Paul Haig performing ‘Blue For You’, this guy had the most amazing haircut, he looked cool and the music was amazing! Soon after this life changing encounter I brought a Roland SH101 and a Boss DR-110 Dr. Rhythm Graphic drum machine (buying the drum machine and synth actually led me to joining another Ely band called Fearful Wedding but thats another story) and borrowed a Fostex X-15 multitrack recorder. I convinced John to put down a couple of vocals and what resulted was a few tracks that bacame a tape demo called ‘The Guff’ which got the attention of Ely Standard’s Lee Smith who wrote the following feature…

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Hereward The Greedy

Image: The Hereward Pub

It appears Ely’s newest pub, the Hereward in Market Street, got somewhat greedy on Christmas Eve by charging (unannounced) a £5 admission fee to enter the pub. In turn, regulars who would normally frequent ‘the Hereward’ as part of the Christmas crawl decided to form a long queue to enter the ‘Town House’ across the road which was free to enter on Christmas Eve.

It wasn’t so long ago a doorman would keep an eye on the numbers entering a pub and lets face it, Christmas Eve is going to be a busy night for any pub so why charge an addmission with so much money being taken at the bar?

Ely Online 2005 Year-End Introspective

As the pulse of 2005 ebbs away and we prepare to welcome 2006, Ely Online presents our year-end introspective. Here are some randomly-selected things that made Ely Online happy, sad and downright pissed-off in 2005, in no particular order.

A huge thanks to everyone who reads, comments on, what I and my main contributors (Anne DeBondt, John Glover, and Lester Pete) write. I wouldn’t be doing this without your feedback and participation. Happy New Year!

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