Tesco Ely Axe Free Bus Service

It would appear that ‘Every little hurts’ when it come to Tesco helping it’s needier shoppers.

Image: Tesco Flyer

The route to Ely’s Tesco supermarket in Angel Drove ceased operation on January 17th of this year. Tesco claims that ‘due to declining usage’. But those who rely on it say this is not the case.

When Tesco moved from it’s Broad Street premises (also relocating it’s popular Market Street Home and Wear store a few years later) to it’s larger store in Angel Drove, Tesco always maintained it would provide a free bus shuttle for those without access to transport. The majority of people who use it are elderly and don’t have their own transport.

If people are not using the service it would be reasonable to declare it is because they don’t know it is there!

Ely Online is not totally won over by the company’s argument that the bus was not being used. If people are not using the service it would be reasonable to declare it is because they don’t know it is there! When Ely Online spoke to some of it’s customers at the store many were unaware that there was a free bus service running.

Surely Tesco, with all the money it is making, can afford it. They are not going to save that much are they?

Tesco would not release details about how many people used the service or how much it cost to run.

If you wish to complain to Tesco you can do so by writing to Tesco Customer Service, PO Box 73, Baird Avenue
Dryburgh Industrial Estate, Dundee, DD1 9NF.

The King’s School Ely In Cannabis Shocker

Image: The King's School Ely

Ely’s King’s School has grown accustomed to their students being high achievers, but last Thursday some students interpretation of ‘high’ took on an entirely different meaning!

In a shock disclosure it was reported that five public schoolboys at Ely’s prestigious £19,000 a year King’s School have been permanently excluded after being caught in possession of cannabis.

Headteacher Sue Freestone wrote to all parents: ‘At King’s we work to convey the dangers of consuming illegal substances.

‘It is a source of great sadness to the whole community the trust we have placed in these individuals has been betrayed.’

Of course parents of the pot smoking dopeheadz are outraged that their high maintenance children’s expensive education has gone up in smoke and feel they have been treated badly. One parent, obviously too ashamed of their child to give their name, wants the pupils reinstated and said in the Cambridge Evening News: ‘The school seems to have discovered tiny quantities of cannabis had occasionally changed hands on school premises.’

‘Of course the ringleaders should be given a stern talking to and cautioned but there is no need to deploy tactics reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition in bringing those pupils to book.’

Let’s hope the ringleader wasn’t your child then madam!

Ely’s Forgotten Bands: Higher Breed

This feature was originally scheduled for inclusion in the 1st edition of a local magazine called Rhythm Town that John Glover and myself were to publish in 1991. Sadly the magazine progressed no further than a few interviews and some layouts. Recently I came across John’s interview with Ely band, Higher Breed. So published for the first time is that interview from August 1991. Karl Bedingfield

Image: Higher Breed

If you like gutsy vocals, graveyard guitar licks and hard, railroad drumming in your music, then you’d better listen to HIGHER BREED’S new demo, the unusually titled ‘Chunk, Moth And The Fat Controller’. It’s spilling over with all three. Rhythm Town meets the band and digs the new breed!

Of Ely’s new breed of guitar grinding rock bands, Higher Breed appear to be among the leading contenders. Raw and gutsy, they have been winning new fans from all over the Cathedral City. Formed in February 1990 by brothers Christian and Lindsey Blicken and bass player “Squadge”. At this stage none of the band could play their instruments, an attitude harking back to the “I can do that” stance of punk. The spirit of ’76, indeed!

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21st Ely Folk Festival 2006 – Provisional Line-Up

Website: Ely Folk Festival 2006

Can it be only 4 months away? It doesn’t seem five minutes since we were basking in the sun of 2005’s 20th Ely Folk Weekend.
Held over three days and three nights Ely Folk Weekend has steadily grown (in size and stature) since its demure beginnings at Ely’s Pocket Park. This year sees the event undergo a slight change in name from ‘Ely Folk Weekend’ to ‘Ely Folk Festival’ and the publicity has a more polished appearance and what better time to do this with the sudden resurgence of Folk music (did it ever go away?) by artists such as Devendra Banhart, Espers, Josephine Foster, Beth Orton, Jack Johnson, The Eighteenth Day of May and even Vashti Bunyan releasing a new CD. All this appreciation has the potential to bring a new following to the Ely Folk Festival.

This year’s confirmed artists are (click names for websites):

For the first time you can now order your tickets online. Tickets for the whole weekend for an adult are £52.00 but if you order your tickets by June 1st you can save yourself £7.00.

Full details of artists and ticket prices can be found at Ely Online’s Event Listings or for up-to-the-minute news the Ely Folk Festival website.

If you were there last year you will know just how magical that hot weekend in July was. If you missed it, mark your calendar for July 7, 8 & 9, 2006 and we’ll see you soon.