The Car Parking Controversy & Ely Cathedral

Image: Ely Cathedral

The Dean & Chapter of Ely Cathedral have released a statement to deny claims that Ely Cathedral are currently negotiating with ECDC to lease the small piece of land next to the Broad Street car park with a view to extending the car park. Here is the full statement from the Ely Cathedral website.

As a result of the recent correspondence and coverage in both the national & local media, the Dean & Chapter of Ely Cathedral feel it necessary to make an official statement regarding the East Cambridgeshire District Council’s plans to use an area of Cathedral land to extend the Broad Street car park.

The ECDC (East Cambs. District Council) approached the Cathedral in January 2006 about leasing the small piece of land next to the Broad Street car park with a view to extending the car park to create approximately 59 new spaces. As with any request of this nature the Dean & Chapter would not be in a position to make any decision without input from two legally established independent bodies; firstly the Cathedral’s Fabric Advisory Committee (FAC) and secondly the Cathedral Fabric Commission for England (CFCE) which is based in London and has executive authority over both the FAC and the Dean & Chapter on all matters regarding the Cathedral fabric, buildings and land.

However before any proposal could be fully discussed by Chapter, the Cathedral received a letter from the ECDC informing them that they no longer wished to proceed with their request to lease Cathedral land. As far as the Cathedral is concerned the matter is now closed and Chapter are not in negotiations with anybody regarding this land.

Since this issue has created such strong feelings within Ely, the Dean & Chapter would like it noted that they would never consent to permanent car parking on Cathedral land that impacted in any way the view of the Cathedral from the Park or Meadow and, as legal custodians of this ancient building and surrounding park, feel very protective of both the Cathedral and its land.

Chapter has received a number of letters and other communications about this matter. We hope that this statement both clarifies the situation and assures all concerned parties of the position regarding this emotive issue.

The original press release can be found here.

2 replies
  1. Rorsach
    Rorsach says:

    Are they aware of how many ex tree/road/polltax etc protesters there are that live around Ely. Most of the old riots at Stonehenge were fairly much organised by Cambridge people. get that lot involved and there is no way they would get as far as building this chancre.

    I would say one thing though, if you get people all worked up you must really be ready for people to do some right crazy things sometimes.

    Is there anywhere for potential protestors to comunicate like a message board somewhere?

    I for one would love to be involved, and I can think of a few more dedicated types who have been getting a bit bored recently, what with no conservatives to fight.

  2. Susan Green
    Susan Green says:

    I am delighted to read that the Cathedral would never agree to permanent parking on the land wherer East cambs had plans for a car park. I hope also they do not agree to a temporary car park as this would only be a way of the council getting in through the backdoor. I think local people are fed up with the vandalism of this area with all our green spaces going, we would like something to leave to our grandchildren which is worth saving and is not more buidlings or car parks. Once we lose our green spaces they are gone forever

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