Ely: A Local Perspective

Having been a listed writer here for a while I thought it was time I actually wrote about something… so it seemed logical to write about the bit of local life I’m most involved in, the Ely Perspective.

I got into it 4 years ago when I stopped work. I’d been using Ely as a dormitory – I worked in Cambridge officially but I drove to Birmingham or Heathrow to work a couple of days a week – so I decided that maybe, now I wasn’t haring up and down the country in my car, I should try to learn something about my home city. The Perspective seemed to be involved in all sorts of interesting things at the time and was always cropping up in the local press. Most of the ideas were great but at the time I thought some weren’t and wished I could be in a position to find out what their rationale was or even better change their view.

I kept thinking. “Who are these people? They’re not elected by anybody. How come they get to be involved in all this stuff and not me?” I rang up the council to find out more – or possibly to have a go at somebody about it if I could find the right person – and was surprised, and a little disarmed to discover that the only reason I hadn’t been involved in any of this stuff to date was because I hadn’t joined in. It was that simple.
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