Ely Online Welcomes Rosemary Westwell

Image: Rosemary Westwell

I’m delighted to announce that Ely Online is adding some new contributing authors, starting with Rosemary Westwell. Rosemary recently got in touch with Ely Online mentioning that there seemed to be a lot of events on in the Ely area that get little coverage.

Rosemary, loves the arts and visits as many local events as possible, enjoying the fruits of the labour of other people. Rosemary says: ‘Having taught secondary school music before, when I had to put on musical productions myself, I have an idea of how difficult it can be’.

‘I write glowing reports of the events I see – but – read between the lines – not everything is as glowing as it may seem’.

You’ll find Rosemary’s full biography here and her first article here.

Welcome aboard Rosemary!

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  1. Rosemary Westwell
    Rosemary Westwell says:

    Yes I certainly am and we still sing under the name of The Isle Singers! Glad to hear you are still singing AND running your own choir.

  2. Kate Burson
    Kate Burson says:

    Are you the same lady who used to run the Sutton Warblers Ladies choir in the 80s. Does it still meet? I was one of your members and now run a choir of my own (Coastline Singers)I certainly remember good times.

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