Relax, Enjoy, Recycle In Jubilee Gardens

Visitors,who come to the Jubilee Gardens in Ely to relax, read a newspaper and drink a bottle of water, now have somewhere to recycle their items when they have finished.

The new Mini On-Street Recycling Bin is the first in any of East Cambridgeshire’s parks and open spaces and accepts the following items:

  1. Plastic bottles (without lids and squashed)
  2. Glass Bottles
  3. Drink Cans
  4. Paper (newspaper, magazines)

Keith Stronach, Principal Facilities Officer at ECDC, said: “We know there are lots of people who come to the opens spaces in the district to relax, read a magazine or have a picnic. A number of these people got in touch with us to ask whether we could provide some recycling facilities so they weren’t just throwing away their papers and food containers. Members of the Parks and Open Spaces teams also had the same idea so we have set the bin up in the Jubilee Gardens as a trial.

Image: The new Mini On-Street Recycling Bin

“The Mini On-Street Recycling Bin will accept paper, glass, plastic bottles and cans – so will be useful for visitors or boat owners who have moored by the riverside. In the week that it has been in position, we have already emptied it four times which proves it is being used.

“We would remind the public not to fly-tip at the site. Not only is it unsightly, inconsiderate, and expensive to clean up; it is also illegal. Waste can only be deposited at licensed sites and anyone fly-tipping waste is not only costing us all money, as council taxpayers, but they are also committing a serious offence with fines of up to £20,000. However the early signs are good and we hope the bin will prove to be a success and ensure we are doing our bit to help people manage their waste.”