Sample 2007’s Folk Festival

If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket for this year’s Ely Folk Festival then great news for you, the festival is going to be amazing this year, The Battlefield Band, Tin Tin Lady, Eddy Morton, Shooglenifty and much, much more.

Image: Ely Folk Podcast

Each year the festival just gets better than the last, with an impressive guest list and programme of workshops, concerts, displays, ceilidhs and children’s entertainment. The musicians appearing at the Ely Folk Festival reflect the rich diversity of the modern music scene, with a mixture of established favourites and newer talent.

The organisers are especially proud that the festival remains a small and friendly festival where you can meet the artists ‘unplugged’. You can take part in workshops, dances, sessions or perform in the Club Tent.

With less than a month before the festivities begin, Ely Online has created a special podcast to highlight the diversity of artists that represent this year’s Ely Folk Festival (July 2007).

Many thanks for all the artists that kindly allowed permission to use their tracks in this podcast.


  1. Silver – Suntrap
  2. August – Shooglenifty
  3. Ordinary Man, Ordinary Woman – Eddy Morton
  4. Coming Of Age – Nick Barraclough & The Burglars
  5. Filipino Maid – Vin Garbutt
  6. Burlington Street – Pavlov’s Cat
  7. Driver Jack – Hedgepig
  8. The Sauna Set – Mawkin
  9. An Dros – Nuada
  10. Will Of The People – Jez Lowe
  11. Not The Way – Charlie Barker
  12. The Sound Of Requiem – Tin Tin Lady
  13. Quercy – Zoot Alors
  14. Easy Piano – Anthony John Clarke
  15. Devil’s Partiality – Andy Wall
  16. Mary’s Dream Set – The Battlefield Band
  17. Blue Smoke – Gareth Pearson
  18. Thin Line – Ezio
  19. Banks Of Green Willow – Jackie Oates
  20. The Ceilidh In The Kitchen – Alistair Russell

The Podcast

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  1. Dave H
    Dave H says:

    Like to thank whoever put this on as a podcast. I’ve really enjoyed listening to it – which I would never, ever have done otherwise.

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