Folkin’ Hell 2.0 – It’s Festival Time

Fellow Folkster’s, the 22nd Ely Folk Festival begins this evening and once again Ely Online brings you a folk flavoured podcast in the spirit of the festival. This year we have added a lot of new folk spanning several folk genres such as Freak Folk, Weird America, Folk Rock, Folk Progressive, Psych-Folk. There are also some older songs though it is pretty hard to tell which is old and which new.

Now if only we could get Devendra Banhart, Adele or Lupen Crook at the 2008 Ely Folk Festival…


  1. Mud – Ivor Cutler
  2. A Silver Boot For Sam – Lupen Crook
  3. Son – Michaelangelo
  4. Little Emma’s Smile – Viking Moses!
  5. In Vain – Oliver
  6. All I Ever Wanted – Meg Baird
  7. Mama Wolf – Devendra Banhart
  8. Daydreamer – Adele
  9. Hard Times – Gob Iron
  10. Snakes In A Hole – Accolade 2
  11. Mouse Song – Faun Fables
  12. Boulders On My Grave – Mellow Candle
  13. Losing The Will To Survive – Findlay Brown
  14. You Never Wanted Me – Sandy Denny
  15. No Other Name – Peter, Paul & Mary
  16. Same Old Man – Holy Modal Rounders
  17. Tale From Black – Tunng
  18. Our Pasts, Like Lighthouses – Rock Plaza Central
  19. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream – Pete Seeger
  20. End Of A Holiday – Fairport Convention

The Podcast

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