Peacock’s Tea Room, BBC One & The One Show

Back in June we ran a brief article when the BBC visited Ely for a segment on their tea-time show, The One Show.

That was aired recently at 7pm. Many of you probably didn’t get to see it so you can now view it at your leisure.


This is what the BBC had to say about the segment:

According to The Tea Guild, a panel of highly qualified tea-tasting experts, the place to have the best cup of tea is Peacock’s Tearoom in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

So does this mean that Ely is the home of the most discerning tea drinkers in the country? First things first – Hardeep finds out what is so good about the Peacock’s Tearoom’s tea, seeing as it has won the UK Tea Council’s Top Tea Place 2007 award.

The owners, George Peacock and Rachel Lemkov, tell Hardeep that it’s the whole experience that counts. From the décor and delectables to the brown china cups, it all adds to the traditional tearoom experience, and in doing so, the taste.

Tim knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to a brewHardeep slurps his way through several different cups, guided by Tim Clifton, who has spent 40 years in the tea-tasting business. It’s clear Tim knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to a brew. Hardeep clearly doesn’t…

However, by the end of his crash course, Hardeep feels well equipped to go and evaluate the most famous benchmark of tea-drinking tradition – a cup of builder’s. On site, Hardeep tests the builder’s tea for briskness, brightness, freshness and flavour but, actually, he’s more concerned about the lack of biscuits.

The most famous benchmark of tea-drinking tradition – a cup of builder’sNext up are the residents of Ely. To test their credentials as tea connoisseurs, Hardeep treats them to a fine looking tea party in the middle of the town square, where he serves them a choice of three teas: a fancy one, a bog standard builder’s, and a blend of his own Masala tea. Which one will they prefer in this char challenge?

Though some find his tea a bit too sweet, Hardeep relishes the few compliments it does get. Whether it is the tea capital of Britain or not, what is clear by the end of the tea party, is that the people of Ely certainly know what they like when it comes to their tea.