Mereham’s Highway To Hell

Driving to Cambridge on the Twenty Pence Road is going to be a whole new congested experience if the proposed Mereham development wins its appeal this October.

The latest figures reveal that on an average weekday, over 5,500 cars use the B1049 between Wilburton and Cottenham – this quadruples to over 24,000 as vehicles pass through Histon and Impington. Even the stretch of the road between Haddenham and Wilburton carries 9,400 cars a day.

Whether it is a route to work, a shopping trip or a short cut to the A14, many residents of Fenland and East Cambridgeshire will find their journeys will become subject to more heavy and possibly jammed traffic.

This is due to inadequate transport provision made by the developers of Mereham to develop the road network to take into account the proposed increase in traffic which 5,000 new homes would create.

From the Mereham’s own website it says: ”The conclusion of the traffic modelling is that only the Stretham Roundabout shows any additional congestion as a direct result of the development of Mereham and this is not significant. All junctions analysed will still experience a degree of congestion after Mereham has been completed, but delays in general will be kept at or below the levels which would be experienced if the new community did not go ahead. “

The website goes onto suggest potential ‘traffic calming measures along the B1049 Twenty Pence Road at potential hazard locations’ which would drive more vehicles onto the heavily congested A10.

Councillor Bill Hunt, District and County Councillor for Stretham and Haddenham, said: “Mereham would have a catastrophic impact on the road network in East Cambridgeshire. This is an impact which would not be limited to one district but the whole county. For example, they suggest widening the A10 but keeping it as a single carriageway. This has the potential to create accident blackspots on an already congested route and would jam the Twenty Pence Road with thousands of vehicles.

“According to the Mereham Transport Assessment itself, the development is estimated to result in more than 14,500 car journeys being added to the roads of East Cambridgeshire each day. The plans which the developers made are wholly inadequate provision for such a development and we will continue to fight to stop it.
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