The Chronicle Of A 200th Anniversary Celebration

The Boat Race Founders Society was very pleased that so many of the Merivale family were able to participate in the celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Merivale’s birth. The Wordsworths were thinner on the ground, but the quality of those attending more than made up for the quantity.

It was good to welcome you all to the local communities of Ely and Cambridgeshire, and we hope we helped you re-establish some historic family links with Harrow School, the University Boat Clubs, Ely Cathedral, Glenalmond College and St Ninian’s Cathedral.

From time to time I am sure we will find good reasons to meet again, and I urge our younger members to plan ahead for another memorable party on the 10th June 2029, at a venue of their choosing.

To read the full chronicle please read this PDF file or to download click link below.

Armed Robbery At Ely Tescos

Armed raiders targeted a security van at Tesco in Ely yesterday afternoon.

Offenders, who were believed to have been armed with a shotgun, struck a blue Group 4 Securicor van in the city just after 4pm.

Police cordoned the area off with trolleys and a helicopter was deployed to search the local area.
The offenders made off in a black Subaru, which was dumped in Potters Lane, near Angel Drove.

They exchanged the Subaru for a BMW and drove off along the A10 towards Cambridge.

When they were south of Stretham, near Gullivers Restaurent, they collided with another vehicle, but they pulled away and drove straight off.

Detective inspector Adam Gallop said: “If anybody was driving behind this BMW or saw the drivers or their direction of travel please contact police at Parkside police station.”
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Ely Will Be Eeltastic This Saturday

Ely will be eeltastic this Saturday for the city’s fifth Annual Eel Day.

The day, to celebrate the humble eel, brings together a whole range of activities from eel throwing (don’t worry they are handmade toys) to 17th century re-enactments to highlight Ely’s heritage and historic association with the eel.

Starting at 10.30am, a carnival like procession led by ‘Ellie the Eel’, Ely’s Samba Band and 10 Town Criers will start from Cross Green next to the Cathedral and head along part of the City’s Eel Trail Heritage Walk, down to the Waterside. The procession will end in the Jubilee Gardens where a whole host of eel related events are planned.

Along with eel throwing, there will be puppet making, pottery making and tanks of real eels for everyone to learn about.

Tracey Harding, Tourism Team Leader at East Cambridgeshire District Council said: “The day is all about celebrating Ely’s culture and traditions and encouraging awareness and use of the Eel Trail. We hope to continue to build on this unique event each year and involve more and more businesses and organisations and further raise the profile of the Isle of Eels.

“This year’s procession sees the return of 10 visiting Town Criers in all their finery, as part of Ely’s Town Crier’s competition. The criers will gather on Palace Green for the first cry of the day at noon. Eight judges have been carefully selected from the local community and each one has a particular criteria to judge the criers performance on. The second cry of the day will be held in Jubilee Gardens at 3pm and the winners will then be announced.
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