Ely Maltings Closed For 6 Months

The Maltings, the historic centre for conferences, exhibitions and banqueting in Ely has now closed for six months for essential repairs.

The Council informed the public last year that the building was coming up for a scheduled refit of it’s roof in May and the building would need to close to protect the public for a period of up to six months.

The repair work will coincide with the end of the District Council’s contract with Eliance who currently provide the catering and exhibition facilities at the Maltings. The Council is currently looking into the various options for the future of the building but has confirmed that it will continue to house a cinema when it reopens.

The Maltings, built in 1868 for the brewery of Ebenezer William Harlock, is a grade II listed building. The work which is set to begin next week will include reinstating an original pattern on the four slopes of the tower roof using a combination of traditional details.

Councillor John Humphreys, Chairman of Asset Management Committee, said: “We tried to give people as long a warning as possible about the closure of the Maltings in October last year as there are so many events which take place at the building. People have been very understanding about the need to get this work done and it will begin immediately to repair the roof.
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Ely Urbex

UrbanX is an Ely based urban explorer.

The definition of an urban explorer: the study of parts of civilization that are normally unseen or off-limits, such as abandoned structures, drains, sewers, tunnels, etc.

UrbanX writes…

How often have you looked at the urban environment in Ely? I mean really looked, not just at the tourist trail of our beautiful Cathedral, Oliver Cromwell’s house, or Ely’s fabulous riverside views, but the truly hidden gems that abound within this ship of the Fens? I started really looking at our city during the balmy evenings of last spring, when the sky finally kicked off its winter overcoat and Ely sprang into consciousness. It was during this time that, whilst mulling over thoughts about the transient nature of architecture and sociological history, fate led me to my great discovery, the art of urban exploration.

Image: Station House, Fordham

Station House, Fordham © UrbanX 2008

Urban exploration is about pushing the boundaries of art and life, pushing oneself to discover new places and capture them for posterity. Photography allows us to document the beauty of these hidden landscapes, to revel in their richness and to contemplate their former states, before they fall into oblivion and out of our reach forever.

Image: They didn't come home

They didn’t come home © UrbanX 2008
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