Royal Mail To Close Post Offices In Ely, Little Downham & Soham

In a move likely to create chaos for the postal needs of people in Ely, Little Downham & Soham, the Royal Mail is to close the Post Offices of St. Johns Road, Ely, Main Street, Little Downham & Hall Street, Soham.

This will leave the Post Office in High Street Ely to meet the demands of Ely’s ever growing population. If you had the misfortune to use this Post Office you will be aware of the miserably long queues. How on earth it will cope with the sudden increase of trade is anyone’s guess.

The Royal Mail are so far out of touch with the public that they fail to realise that the success of local shops and of post offices is intertwined. Take for example Little Downham Post Office, the closure will hit the elderly and the very poor, who are dependent on a local service to pay bills and receive cash which also supports the continued existence of the local shop.

None of the post offices named will close immediately Post Office bosses insist they have drawn up the list initially for public consultation, and that people will have until August 26 to give their views on whether the services should be ended or not.

We understand that an official announcement will be made on Tuesday about these forthcoming closures.

The fight begins…