Snow hits waste and recycling collection

Waste and recycling collections in East Cambridgeshire have been suspended this morning due to adverse weather conditions.

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Decisions from East Cambridgeshire Planning Committee

Following the meeting of the Planning Committee at East Cambridgeshire District Council on Wednesday 4 February, the following decisions were made

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More action to be taken to help the most vulnerable

Further steps are to be taken to help those who are young, unemployed or reliant on the voluntary sector to help them through the current economic downturn. East Cambridgeshire District Council who had conducted a wide ranging review of how economic pressures affect the authority’s core services, have investigated what more help could be given to the most vulnerable members of the community.

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Rolled & Ready: The Excitable PJ Maybe Story

Image: 'The Excitable PJ Maybe Story

John Glover & myself had been gathering features for a local music magazine we were planning to publish. We had interviewed Higher Breed, Chris Williams of Crossland had kept a diary of the band’s experiences on the Radio 1 roadshow. We needed more features and a good place to start was Hedgehog Records in Market Street. The proprietor, David Cook, had always been keen to promote local bands and stocked all the demo tapes. John stumped up the fiver to buy the latest demo tape which happened to be Rolled & Ready by The Excitable PJ Maybe.

We loved their 60s garage punk and arranged a photo shoot and interview. On Sunday afternoon June 30th 1991, we met with the band in Little Downham and done the shoot. That’s essentially where it ended as we never managed to finish the magazine and the once thriving music scene was collapsing around us.

Fast forward seventeen years and I come across a few surviving negatives from that shoot and approach Antony Turner, one time guitarist of the PJs, to ask if he would write about the band – this is his story:
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City of Ely Community College: Bullies Prosper While Victims Get Excluded!

School bullies at the City of Ely Community College are getting away with their intimidation, threats and taunting while victims are being excluded for defending themselves.

It was recently brought to our attention that a year 7 pupil was relentlessly taunted to the point that the bullied pupil lashed out at the provocateur. In this situation you would have thought that the bully would be firmly reprimanded and possibly excluded, but in this instance the victim was excluded for 5 days even though they told staff what happened and had witnesses. This cannot be right! If someone is bullying you you should tell someone you can trust – a teacher? Bullies find it hard to pick on someone if they know you have someone to support you. Unfortunately, on this occasion they appear to have sided with the bully.

Ely Online is aware of why the individual was bullied but does not want to publicise the circumstances.

As of publication the City of Ely Community College has not commented.

Working to keep us all fit and healthy

Over 2,000 people – young and old – have taken part in activities designed to help residents in the District to stay fit and active.

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Developing a vibrant future for Soham

Soham has the potential to be one of the most exciting and successful market towns in the whole of Cambridgeshire so says the Working Party tasked with planning the town’s future for the next twenty years.

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Ely Folk Festival 2009 – Box Office Now Open

The Box Office for Ely Folk Festival is now OPEN and given the quality of this year’s line-up and the festival’s reputation for seeing great live acts in an intimate and family friendly environment, tickets are sure to go quickly.

Festival headliners include the Peatbog Faeries, Eric Bogle & John Munroe, Tanglefoot, While & Matthews, Baka Beyond and Edward II. Other fantastic acts include Allan Taylor, Adrian Nation and Flossie Malavialle. With a real ale bar, morris dancing, ceilidhs, sessions, music and dance workshops, and children’s entertainment, there will be something for everyone at this year’s festival.

Early bird tickets are available at a reduced rate before 1st June, so check out our new look web site for more details about purchasing tickets.

Spring is in the air

Spring is almost here, the countryside is waking up, as is Transition Ely.  It’s been a slow start but we’re ready to get going for 2009. We’ve lots of ideas but what we really want is to connect-up with others in Ely and surrounding villages.  Please use our contact form if you have any questions, suggestions, comments or would like to get involved, the latter especially! Here are a few interesting resources to get us all going: The Local Government Association recently released a document called ‘ Volatile times — Transport, climate change and the price of oil’ — it’s well worth a read ‘ Nine Meals from Anarchy: Oil dependence, climate change and the transition to resilience ‘ by the New Economics Foundation is an excellent food-security primer

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Spring is in the air

Setting a Council Tax increase for difficult times

East Cambridgeshire District Council has this week used a special windfall payment from Government to reduce its Council tax increase to help the whole District in these dire economic times.

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