A showcase of local talent

This November, Ely is set to be the centre of an entertainment extravaganza as the East Cambridgeshire District Council Chairman’s Charity Concert features the very best local talent.

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:A showcase of local talent

Helping to complete your electoral forms

Canvassers from East Cambridgeshire District Council are currently visiting homes around the district to help residents register their right to vote.

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Helping to complete your electoral forms

UrbanX Goes Underground

Some of you may remember my article ‘Ely Urbex’ from back in May 2008, where I photographed areas in and around Ely that are normally ‘off-limits’ to the public. Recently, I have found I have been running out of ‘unseen’ areas to photograph. Then I came to the realisation I was only looking above ground, and that there must be a whole other world beneath our cobbled streets.

Even with some ambient light pouring in, my camera struggled to focus. Our technologically advanced eyes were also feeling the strain, and my iris’ dilated to let in any available light.

Image: Ely Urbex

A Self Portrait, and my favourite shot of the evening. Taken with a 20 Second Exposure

Image: Ely Urbex

We came across this chamber where three large drains met. This exposure was done with ‘light painting’. Setting the exposure to 8 seconds and rapidly ‘painting’ the walls with torchlight. In reality only a small spot of light was visible at any time. Hundreds of years of mineral growth, and erosion on the red brick walls had created a beautiful mural of colour.

Image: Ely Urbex

In life, you have a choice. You can stay in bed and take no risks, or you can go out and have a life which involves the taking of risks, telling of yarns, breaking various laws which restrict your freedom, finding out things of an unusual or interesting nature. Now, some people take drugs, some people watch TV, some people drive cars faster than the recommended speed limit, some people get heavily into tupperware, some people even play golf.

Since I find these things not very interesting, well, maybe the driving, I have taken to exploring drains. I like the dark, the wet, humid, earthy smell. I like the varying architecture. I like the solitude. I like the acoustics, the wildlife, the things I find, the places I come upon, the feeling knowing so few have seen what I am seeing.

Image: Ely Urbex

The tunnels are beautiful, and teeming with wildlife. Spiders, bats, and even some pretty hefty carp which swim blindly into your legs.

Image: Ely Urbex

Making our way back was harder than we thought. You have to walk against the current which batters your thighs. The floor was mirror smooth from 100 years of water erosion, which was coated in just enough algae to give it the quality of an ice rink. This proved a paranoia nightmare for me holding my expensive DSLR & tripod as high as I could in one hand (which didn’t help my centre of gravity one bit) and torch in the other. If I slipped the whole lot will be going under.

Image: Ely Urbex

With the city sleeping, blissfully unaware of the night time explorers walking the streets beneath them, we emerged. Drenched, exhausted, and with a rancid odour we stripped from our ‘drain’ clothes into normal street clothes, and made our way back to our warm cosy, clean beds. The splash on the right is where I stripped off…

Image: Ely Urbex

Cheers for looking.

More adventures can be found on my site: www.urbanXphotography.co.uk

Summer of success at espace

Companies have flocked to the e-space business centres in East Cambridgeshire over the last few months as the District fights the recession.

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Summer of success at espace

Last chance to get tickets for Biggins

Time is running out to buy tickets to see legend of stage and screen Christopher Biggins. He will be holding ‘An evening with’ at the Maltings in Ely on Friday 9 October in aid of the East Cambridgeshire Cultural Olympiad Fund at 7.30 pm, where the much loved comedy star will tell stories about his extraordinary life..

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Last chance to get tickets for Biggins

Don’t forget your collection days may have changed

Council chiefs are reminding residents of the changes to black sack and kerbside recycling collections from Monday 5 October.

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Don’t forget your collection days may have changed

Bringing play to our town centres

This October, the sound of fun and laughter will be echoing throughout town centres in East Cambridgeshire as a new Mobile Play Scheme hits the streets.

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Bringing play to our town centres

Pippin along and have a corking good time

Have you ever wondered what variety of apple you have in your fruit bowl? How long you can peel an apple for? Or whether you can take on all comers in an apple and spoon race? Well come along to this year’s Apple Festival in Ely and find out.

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Pippin along and have a corking good time

Come and join us in thanksgiving

On Sunday 25 October, East Cambridgeshire District Council will be holding its annual Civic Service at St Mary’s Church in Burwell and residents from across the district are welcome to attend.

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Come and join us in thanksgiving

First designs of the country park are here

Ely’s Country Park is moving forward with initial designs now being discussed ahead of a planning application being submitted.

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:First designs of the country park are here