Tight budget has meant difficult decisions

A number of tough choices have been put forward by Council Chiefs in East Cambridgeshire in order to balance the budget for 2010/11.

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Tight budget has meant difficult decisions

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  1. Sally MacEachern
    Sally MacEachern says:

    I have heard from a reliable source that one of ECDC’s planned savings is to stop providing and erecting stalls for all the Ely markets. I understand that the decision has been made without consultation with the stallholders. I also understand that an informal survey of collectors’ and farmers’ market stallholders on Saturday discovered that at least 10 of the collectors’ market traders would give up coming to Ely. Four of the farmers’ market traders said they would give up, while others said they would have to review the situation or would need a reduction in rent.

    The markets, with their variety of large and small traders, are one of the key attractions of Ely, bringing people into the city to spend money, not just at the markets, but at the shops and cafes.

    It seems incredibly shortsighted to jeopardize this, so I hope that my information is incorrect.

  2. Roy Jones
    Roy Jones says:

    The proposed termination of the links with ADeC and removing its funding will mean that ADeC will not be able to survive and benefit when growth and stability return to East Cambridgeshire.

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